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Exception Management Hackathon

No description

Andrew Koch

on 5 February 2015

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Transcript of Exception Management Hackathon

"A day and a half could equal almost three weeks of work"

Our goal is to use "Blitz-Hack" to collaborate with teams from many areas with different backgrounds for a one day brainstorming event to produce product(s) that are in demand from the business faster

The Team
A diverse group of key players from different departments including:
- Business Intelligence
- Supply Chain Analysts
- IT Development
- WWT Business
Steps Taken
1. Discover business needs
2. Prioritize business needs
3. Assign "break-out" groups/come up with a solution in a timely fashion
4. Re-convene with team to review findings and immediately begin development
5. Test post-development product
Who Owns What?
Next Steps
Incorporate user feedback

Complete product development and testing

Integrate newly developed product into the business

Continue evaluating user feedback
Here's What We Need
Exception Management "Blitz-Hack"
Business Value. Faster.
Timeline of Events
Clear and honest feedback about the "Blitz-Hack" process

Does the product produced truly add value to the business?
BICC = completion of development
SCA/Business = maintenance and testing
Go-live: January 20th, 2015
Blitz-Hack date: January 8th, 2015
Business feedback:
January 8th
- 20th

Continued user feedback: January 20th-...
Functional Use of the Dashboards
Oversight - high-level summary
Management - more specific trends
Individual Contributors - live real-time data
(planning, buying, order mgmt....)
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