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Adidas Presentation

No description

on 9 June 2015

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Transcript of Adidas Presentation

The Originals
Celebrity Collaboration
Inspired from the iconic
"70's basketball shoe"
Super Stars
Adidas has several new and exciting projects lined up for the rest of 2015 and 2016
Where They're Going
Interview + Commercial
A new line of performance shoes has launched for the 2015 Fifa Women World Cup
Special Editions of the Originals designed by Stan Smith has been released for the Spring and Summer.
The Newest Celebrity Collaboration launched earlier this year features Rita Ora, David Beckham, Pharrell and Damian Lillard
Kanye West's collaborated with Adidas in 2014 to make the limited edition "Yeezy Boost"
These shoes are a combination of ultimate comfort and high-end style.
His futuristic view of the Originals
Began in small town Bavaria, Germany
Founder, Adolf Dassler
Adidas Brand Values: authenticity, inspiration, honesty and commitment.
Design hasn't changed for years
Most popular and iconic Adidas product
Pharrell collaborated with Adidas originals "superstars" in the beginning of 2015
The "superstars" were offered in 50 different shades resembling equality
"Supercolors Superstars" allow an individual to choose any color they want to represent your own style
"Brand Adidas" VS "Originals Adidas"
Pure sports
Fashion Brand
Vision behind the "originals" line
=> Special story behind every "originals" product
=> Not only designed, but inspired by classic and historic athletes
Occasional wearing
Everyday wearing
!!! Specially for you, dear classmates: 15% off your next order on the Adidas online store when you sign up to the newsletter !!!
=> Whenever you buy an "originals" product, you buy a piece of history
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