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Every 15 seconds...

...someone becomes a victim of human trafficking and slavery.

Claire Pavlik Purgus

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Every 15 seconds...

Planet photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Human Trafficking > Slavery lined up, slaves would reach from Beijing, China to Capetown, South Africa What is human trafficking? Every 15 seconds... Between 1450 and 1900, there were 11 million slaves Source: United Nations International Labour Organization Assuming a 10% increase in the number of victims... someone becomes a new victim of human trafficking and slavery every 15 seconds. Combating Slavery How are we doing? What Can I Do To Help Stop Slavery? Working together... This presentation was made to accompany Matt Friedman's talk at TEDx SanJoaquin 2012 Concept by Matthew S. Friedman. Prezi design by Claire Pavlik Purgus
Copyright © 2012 Matthew S. Friedman We can
stop slavery. Learn more about what you
can do to stop slavery at
www.you-can-stop-slavery.org ...someone becomes a victim of
human trafficking and slavery Human trafficking occurs when a person is tricked, sold, or forced into a coercive, highly exploitative “slave-like” situation against his/her will, with few options to escape. People may be trafficked or forced into any number of situations including agricultural work, construction, fishing, manufacturing, and mining. They may be enslaved for domestic work or sexual exploitation. For most victims of human trafficking, the outcome is slavery. Today, the UN estimates there are 20.9 million slaves globally... more slaves in the world than ever before. $32 billion in annual profits versus a global budget of $350 million to fight the problem Source: U.S. Trafficking in Persons Report 2012 Where were you? When I was enslaved... Of the 21 million slaves worldwide, 26% are children. Within private sector slavery, 22% is within the sex industry. If you were victimized, by traffickers, you might ask this question: If you are a teacher, integrate slavery into your lesson plans.
If you are a student, organize a school event to raise awareness.
If you are a consumer, learn about the products you buy, and shop accordingly.

For more ideas about
what you can do, visit
www.you-can-stop-slavery.org. Everyone has something to offer. Photo | Jon Smith Photo | Jan Bengten Photo | Sarina Brady Photo | Sarina Brady
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