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too precious for y'all

Sarah Crizelle

on 8 April 2013

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Recommended naming convention :

So if you have SM City for a client and your designer is Aaron, his first mockup will be named as . Revisions after that will be 002, 003 and so forth. CREATIVE
DEPARTMENT Web Theming WEB THEMING BUSINESS IDENTITY INCENTIVES Aside from the above package, we may also be asked to create other business collaterals. Unless client specifies a dimension, please follow the standard sizes below. Web Design As an iConcept Global designer, you are expected to be proficient with the following: Web Design Web Theming Graphic Design/Multimedia HTML 5 + = CSS 3 JavaScript Libraries Graphic Design/ Multimedia Others Bitmaps Vectors Multimedia WEB DESIGN A Website Planner will be provided by your Project Manager as well as a Design Brief to guide you in designing a web page. DO's Always research and draw inspirations
from the client’s nature of business Keep your page structured Focus on what’s important Choose the right color scheme Choose the right fonts and sizes Make it easy to browse your pages Set your navigation properly Optimize your load times Make your page visually appealing Keep it simple stupid. Less is more. DON'Ts Don’t just place boxes or sections everywhere Don’t place irrelevant sections across your page Don’t overdo it with 20 different colors Don’t write one paragraph on a blurb that is 1,000+ words long Don’t make your readers search to find something. Get the important things out in the open. Don’t make everything on your page an image Don’t put different fonts in different sizes. Be consistent with your fonts. Don’t throw a bunch of animation in a single page or section DESIGN TIMELINE Design briefing with your Project Manager Day 0 Day 3 Conceptualizing, Wireframing & Designing Design Approval/ Revisions/ Slicing* Day 1-2 Final Approval/ Minor Revisions/ Early Submission Day 4 Deadline at 12NN. Day 5 THE PSD FILE S O M E P O I N T E R S Save your previous versions. Don’t delete nor overwrite it. You’ll never know when the client wishes to revert to the previous version Group your layers and name them appropriately. That means, for example - Layer 32, Layer 33, Layer 34 will not be accepted. You should also assign a color for your grouped layers. A group named HEADER for example can contain layers header_logo, header _menu, header _tagline, header _bg. Unless specified in the Website Planner, section columns must have the ratio of 70/30 %. Unless specified in the Website Planner, standard page width is 1000px (with 100px margin on both sides) or 100% if client opted for open browser width. Use 72 dpi for optimum performance. Always demand for a high resolution image from your Project Manager. Low resolution images tend to get blurry when largely resized. A Project Brief will be provided by your Project Manager to guide you in theming for a website, as well as the Project Timeline. You’ll be collaborating with your assigned Module Developer in a given project. S O M E P O I N T E R S WEB THEMING Minify your CSS and JS files after the project has been finalized Always use the latest JS Library Always check for browser compatibility (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Apple Safari and Internet Explorer) Always check for mobile compatibility or responsive design (http://screenqueri.es/ or http://dfcb.github.com/Responsivator/ ) Use preloaders for image-heavy animations like rotating banners, image sliders, parallax webpages, etc. A Business Identity Planner will be provided by your Project Manager to guide you in designing business collaterals. In some cases, a storyboard will be provided (for AVPs) or a script (for videos). A designer with 5 accumulated Chosen Design will receive an incentive. Also, his work will be eligible in the monthly Website Of The Month (as Designer of the Month). AnimASIA (work in progress) INTERNAL PROJECTS Some of the department’s internal projects: THANK YOU! :) and
ICONCEPT GLOBAL ADVERTISING EMPLOYEE ORIENTATION Adobe Fireworks CS X Adobe Photoshop CS X Corel PaintShop Pro project_designer_version smcity_aaron_001.psd Project Briefing here. Business Identity here. Creative Juice (visual enhancements for your webpages) Design Portal (unchosen designs) Work Portfolio (company credentials/top clients) SiteHaven (as Themes Developer) PHP Wordpress Drupal Joomla MySQL
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