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Lean - Improvment Process

zipora golan

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Transportation

Zipi Golan Oct. 2012 Lean process Waste campaign Transportation Waiting Over Production Defects Over Processing Stressful morning, we will place in the cafeterias on one & third floor lots of empty milk cartons, the employee would be rushing to check one by one until it reaches its destination. Motion Inventory Employees will enter the lobby, the entrance was blocked and they had to do all round (go left the clinic) down the road waiting for them posters they experience a waste of traffic and how much time they spent on the subject The waste type defect we can find in our day to day (food defect, a defect in medical procedure, etc.)
And at work (a defect in die, fault calculations, defect in service processes),
The waste above we will representative by SMS to be sent to all employees with multiple misspellings, after a few minutes we will sent SMS with corrections
or wrong dist list http://technation.themarker.com/digital/1.1857152 Overproduction is producing more than what is actually required by the upstream process. In manufacturing, this is often done in an attempt to keep machines running and to avoid too many changeovers. General Physical exposure every week to 1/7 waste in central locations at the Fab
Collect ideas from the relevant waste
Competition spending
Raising ideas In box Offers Each item which is necessary somewhere else
does not make sense that requires many
transitions and transportation. Hands Tool
Amount of equipment that Lying in warehouses
view costs Slalom driveway and entrance to dining room Help Needed
approval managment
CS Cooperation
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