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Phineas Gage Research Paper

Research presentation for Phineas Gage

E Barker

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Phineas Gage Research Paper

Timeline 2013 2009 2010 2011 2012 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Are Brain Injuries Common or Rare? Brain injuries are actually very common. Not very many people know how often they occur. Surprisingly, every year about 1.7 MILLION people across the globe get brain injuries. This includes minor and severe injuries. This just shows how much more cautious we need to be! Are Brain Injuries Always Obvious? Brain injuries do not always give you a scar on your head. It can sometimes go unnoticed for a long period of time, or even FOREVER. Of course the best solution would be to determine that there is a brain injury right away. Sometimes it isn't obvious, though. It may just be a mystery why someone acts or thinks the way that they do. What Causes Brain Injuries? Many things can cause brain injuries. Something as simple as a bump to the head will cause a minor injury. A more traumatic brain injury could come from playing sports or a serious accident. For example, a car crash or even a bike crash could be fatal. The actual brain injury occurs when the brain changes position in the skull. What Are some Effects of Brain Injuries? The effects of an injury depend on the severity of the actual brain trauma. Different accidents will have different consequences. It could be something simple, like a temporary change in behavior. This could be a sudden outburst, or a random mood change. A more severe effect would be amnesia. There could also be a life long illness, such as epilepsy. Who Are Some Famous People Who Have Had Brain Injuries? There are lots of famous people with some sort of brain injury. Amy Davis, 2004 Miss Utah, got a brain injury from a cheer leading incident, effecting her in many ways. Actress Natasha Richards (The Parent Trap, Widows' Peak) had a fatal skiing accident. Brain Injuries can occur to anyone, even Dick BUtton, a figure skater who has won two gold medals in the Olympics. He fell, and hit his head on the ice. Phineas Gage's
Brain Injury Treatments Traumatic Brain Injuries My report is on traumatic brain
injuries. They may be caused by serious or even simple accidents. Brain injuries can affect the way you look, act, and feel. They are common and have caused death. There are many kinds of treatments available for those who are suffering from any kind of brain injury. How can Brain Injuries Effect Personalities? A brain injury could effect someone's emotions. This could include depression or getting angry. It could change their decision-making skills. It could also change their social interactions with other people. It certainly effected Phineas Gage's personality, as well as many others. Traumatic Brain Injuries
Research Paper What Might Cause a Brain Injury, According to Age? The Injured The rod that went through Phineas's brain effected him. It went through the frontal lobe of his brain. His personality changed extremely. He was mean, terrible at making decisions, and had poor logical thinking abilites. The traumatic brain injury really should have killed him. Phineas was never really the same after the accident, although he physically recovered. Depending on your age, a brain injury might occur for a different reason. Newborns might get a brain injury because they were born premature. Kids might have an accident in sports. Teenagers could get in a car crash and get an injury. Even adults could get a brain injury because of an accident while exercising or during their job. Senior citizens are most at risk, because if they fall, they could get a fatal injury. There are different treatments for different kinds of brain injuries. As the injuries get more serious, the treatments and procedures become more intense. Special medication may be available. The patient may need to stay at the hospital overnight to be examined. If the injury is very severe, the patient may even need surgery. Also, going to speech therapy may be recommended. Small injuries may not even have a certain treatment, just some rest. Work Cited Page "Blast Brain Injury"
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Sept. 26, 2012. Accessed Jan. 14, 2013 Brain Injuries are a major problem in the world. They can cause all sorts of injuries and problems. They are becoming very common, and less noticeable. We have learned a lot about brain injuries from Phineas Gage, as well as many others. We all need to be more cautious and more careful so we can decrease the number of brain injuries every year. My Conclusion
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