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UAV photogrammetry

No description

Niels Anders

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of UAV photogrammetry

N.S. Anders, S.D. Keesstra, R. Masselink, M. Seeger
Soil Physics and Land Management, Wageningen University, The Netherlands
Department of Physical Geography, Trier University, Germany
Detecting soil erosion features with UAV-based photogrammetry: Case study in Navarra, Spain
MAVinci Sirius I fixed-wing aircraft
1.6m wingspan, 2.6 kg takeoff weight
60 km/h average ground speed
80 - 350 m altitude
Agisoft Photoscan Professional 0.9
1. Photo alignment
2. Generating point cloud
3. Creating Digital Surface Model
4. Producing Orthophoto
Digital Surface Models
185 m altitude ~ 10-12 cm
90 m altitude ~ 4-7 cm
I: Hardware
V: Outlook
Panasonic Lumix GX1 camera
Consumer 16 MP RGB camera
20mm f1.7 lens
2.5 fps JPEG (1 fps RAW) at full resolution
II: Data acquisition
III: Post processing
IV: Data products
Agricultural catchment Latxaga, Navara, N-Spain
200 ha, 500-700 m.a.s.l, 800mm mean annual precipitation
Marls and clayey soils
Sheet erosion, rills, gully erosion. Landslides are common in wet periods.
Flight direction
UAV follows predefined way points with autopilot
Reproducible workflow

200 ha in 4 sequential flights
185m elevation above ground surface
5000 photos, 85% overlap (65% side overlap)
Flight campaign
Study area
185 m altitude ~ 4 cm
90 m altitude ~ 2 cm
Very high resolution, detailed registration of small (hydro)geomorphological features
UAV is a flexible platform and can be utilized any moment in time
High quality DEM suitable for detection of surface properties (slope, curvature, roughness, etc.)
UAV orthophotos show high detail of vegetation and land use
Multi-temporal UAV DEMs are potentially suitable for detection and quantification of soil erosion.
red : slope angle
green : openness 25x25 cells
blue : openness 251x251 cells
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