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Medrano Middle School AVID Implementation

No description

Medrano Middle

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Medrano Middle School AVID Implementation

Essential 2
Voluntary Participation Students in AVID
- Choose AVID as first choice when selecting classes.
- Filled out applications and participated in written interviews.

AVID Site Team
- Each site team member volunteered for the position.
- Newer site team members were recruited and accepted to attend Summer Institute Essential 1
Student Selection are "in the middle"
are low income
are the first in family to attend college
face special circumstance(s)
underrepresented in 4 yr colleges Essential 3
Full Implementation This Year
- 4 fully enrolled AVID elective sections
- Students participate in Field trips, tutorials, team building activities, speakers and WICOR strategies.

Next Year
- We will expand to 6 AVID elective sections.
- Two 6th grade sections, two 7th grade sections and two 8th grade sections. Essential 4
Academic Rigor Essential 5
Reading &Writing Examples AVID Implementation Medrano Middle School Essential 6 Inquiry EXAMPLES
Socratic Seminars
Philosophical Chairs
Costa's Levels of Thinking
Bloom's Taxonomy Questioning Stems
Tutorials Essential 7
Collaboration Essential 8: Tutorials Essential 9
Using AVID Data Essential 10
Available Site District Resources Essential 11
Site Team EXAMPLES: 1. Two Truths, One Lie
2. Learner Survey & Study Ideas
3. Mask-Making and Mask Poem
4. "Secret Cameras"
5. Create-A-College
6. Paper Towers & Balloon Towers
7. Blind Walks
8. Blind Drawings
9. Philosophical Chairs & Debates
10. Life-Saver Cars
11. Medrano M.S. & SMU Scavenger Hunts
12. Career Research & Posters
13. Mock Interviews
14. College Door Decorating
15. Pass-It-On Story Writing TUTORING DAYS: Thursdays & Fridays TUTORS: Jacob Allred: RMIN @ UNT.
Karina Serrato: Education @ UTD. TUTOR TRAINING: Socratic Method
Higher-Order Inquiry
TRF's: Hands-On & Grading
Review of Training Packet
Online Videos - AVID.org & YouTube
Walk-Throughs for Binder Checks & Cornell Notes
Etc.!! TUTORIAL SAMPLE: AVID Weekly Article Analysis
Cornell Notes
Learning Logs
College Letters
College Research Projects
Career Research Projects
Post Field Trip Reports Collaboration Implementation UTD Field Trip Balloon
Tower World of Tutors/Tutorials 7th Grade tutorial College Door-Decorating College letters SMU
Trip Volunteer Fair at Brookhaven Initial Self Study collaborated and completed as a Site Team.

Certification Self Study collaborated and completed as a Site Team.

MyData Portal information and student grades were used for selection and placement in Algebra/PreAP classes. -Funding for AVID is defined in school budget.
-Site Team plan has been developed.
-AVID is a component of the CIP.
-All site team members have attended Summer Institute. More to attend this summer's institute. 2012-2013 Site Team Members
Alicia Serrato - Coordinator
Leslie Nfodjo - AVID Elective Teacher
Miranda Escobedo - AVID Elective Teacher
Carmon Jones - Counselor
Chris Deinhammer - Administrator

2013-2014 Additions
Sarah Grysinski - Math Content Teacher
Toah Huynh - Science Content Teacher
Ericka Norris - ELA Content Teacher Focuses on students that: this is done by: the AVID team going to the feeder elementaries to introduce the program
the students completing applications all AVID students are enrolled in Pre-Ap courses
the expectations are HIGH
students are challenged
study skills strategies
time management
binder organization
college and career awareness
test taking strategies The AVID class provides:
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