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Copy of korean war by gabe,morgan,stacy,byrant

No description

gabriel villagomez

on 15 May 2015

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Transcript of Copy of korean war by gabe,morgan,stacy,byrant

Americans at war
America went to the Korean war in 1950. We went because we didn't want Korea to be a communist country. In the war there were 71 different guns brought by every country. In this civil war surprisingly America could of started WW111 because, we planned to drop a A-tom bomb on North Korea.
What weapon did USA brought?
The bazooka was brought by the U.S. We also brought mortars and smoke bombs.
Before the war North and South Korea were actually one country. The major battles of the korean war are Battle of Seoul, Battle of Osan, Battle of Inchon, Battle of the Imjin River, Battle of Bloody Ridge, Battle of Chosin Reservoir, and Battle of Old Baldy.All the battles in the Korean war are First Battle of Seoul, Battle of Osan, Battle of Inchon, Battle of the Imjin River, Battle of Bloody Ridge, Battle of Chosin Reservoir, Battle of Old Baldy, Battle of Heartbreak Ridge, Battle of Hill Eerie, Battle of the Hook, Battle of Kapyong, Second Battle of Seoul, Third Battle of Seoul, Operation Ripper, Operation Commando, Operation Courageous, Operation Tomahawk, Outpost Harry, Battle of Pakchon, and Battle of White Horse.
people died
54,246 people died.
27,123 kids died.
7,500 American soldiers still "unaccounted for from the Korean War"

Korean war by Gabe, Stacy,Morgan,Byrant

There were 20 countries involved in the Korean War, North Korea, South Korea, China, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Ethiopia, France, Greece, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and United States. In North Korea and South Korea there are 19 states and by the way Seoal is only a city.
The Countries
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You will need tin foil, a plastic Ping pong ball, and Straw. Put the ping pong ball on the center of the the tin foil. Then wrap the tin foil around the ping pong ball and leave a gap. After that, you put the straw on the center of the gap. Wrap the rest of the tin foil around the straw. If you did it right, it will ,look like a lollipop. When you're done with that, use the lighter and burn the top of the ping pong ball wrapped around tin foil.


Interesting Facts
- MC Arthur got fired by Truman
-He told China what they are going to bomb them. It got China prepeard to fight back
- North and South Korea were one country at a time.
- We almost dropped a atomic bomb on North Korea and China.
-Sygnam Rhee is the leader of South Korea.Kim IL Sung is the leader of North Korea.

America smoke bomb
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