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Raphaëlle DUFLOT

on 5 March 2018

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Transcript of Baski

The new revolutionary sport
I hope you have enjoyed my presentation
Starting line !
Ready... Steady... GO !
There is no half-time, neither violence nor contact. Because it's a race.
The most important is the number of basket not the time at the course. There are referees all along the piste who control if there are cheatings from the players. Balls are hand out at the beginning of the race, the opponents have the same number of balls than the number of hopes, they can't bring their own balls. The referees have special suits which is different from the opponents like that we can know where are the referees easilier.

The baski is a race and an individual sport before anything else. The race start at the summit of a mountain, and according to the level of the opponents,
the race takes place on a piste or off-piste.
Competing off-piste is really dangerous, the opponents need a really good level in ski and good protections.
To practise the baski you need:
Competition ski
They need to have special skis to go as fast as possible, those skis are long and thin.
Ski suit
You also need, a suit which is especially design not to be too heavy and to be tight.
As you slide along the piste really fast you need protections:
on your knees and elbows, in your back along your spinal colomn, of course on your head, and on your eyes.
ski mask
Ski shoes
Finally you need shoes to fix on your skis, they maintain your feet on your skis.
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