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The Boy in the Striped Pajamas Presentation

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trevor hale

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of The Boy in the Striped Pajamas Presentation

By: Trevor Hale Love The Boy in The Striped Pajamas Presentation SHMUEL Shmuel is a little boy who is 9 years old. He is around
4" 6 Inches in height and is pretty small and skinny.
He has shaved off brown hair. He has to wear dirty
striped Pajamas. Shmuel is often hungry and pale.
Even though Shmuel is in a horrable place, he still
tries to look on at what is good. He was board so he
became Bruno's friend. Shmuel is confused at why
he is in this place but when he has problems, he goes
to the end of the fence and sits in the dirt and talks
to Bruno sometimes. Shmuel has a father and a
Mother in the camp with him and he does
not know where they are. BRUNO Bruno is a 9-year old German boy who now
lives in Auschwitz at the concentration camp.
He is around 4" 6 and is pretty bulky compared to
Shmuel. He has Brown hair and gets it shaved off.
He wears tailored clothes most of the time. Bruno is
very curious and likes to explore unfamilular areas.
He has a family that lives with him. His Mother,
Father and sister and a house maid. He lives in a
very nice house. He is friends with Shmuel. Bruno wonders why everyone lives on the other side of
the fence and wants to know why they all have
to wear striped Pajamas. THEMES This book has the theme of friendship because
at different points in the book, people have done something for someone else because they
care about them. For example, Bruno's mother
tells everyone she cleaned Bruno's knee because
if they knew Pavel did, they would do something
horrible to Pavel because he is jewish. In an
example of innocence and kind of friendship,
Bruno becomes Shmuel's friend even though he
is jewish and he is being raised to dislike the
jewish people. He doesn't know that
because he is too young. SETTING This image represents
the setting in the book
because it is the front of
the Auschwitz concentration camp. PROPAGANDA This image of Propaganda
represents America through
the colours in the background.
(Red, White and Blue-The
American flag) What this image
is saying is- "Pay for our amo,
and then we will beat the enemy!"
I think this is Transfer propaganda
because it is using the American flag
and making americans feel like a team so they
decide to pay for and distribute the amo
for the war because they think
they will win. This image represents
the setting in the book
because it is what Bruno saw
from his bedroom window
"The people in the Striped
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