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MEXIAM - Conferencia de prensa

No description

Rocío van Nierop

on 16 July 2015

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Transcript of MEXIAM - Conferencia de prensa

Neuroscientist and inventor
. He discovered that neurons could reproduce in adult mammalian brains. (
An update on your high school curriculum is needed!
Cofounder and CTO of Miroculus
a company with a system that can make early detection of cancer and other metabolic diseases.
Oh, and he just recently turned 30.

Named Veuve Clicquot best female chef
in 2014. After stints in New York and London, she moved back to Mexico City to launch her restaurant Rosetta; today it is among the best in Latin America.
Farm to table? How about world to table . . . Mexican style.
Physicist specialized in complex systems, chaos and networks.
He is also the only Latin American member of the “C3” Commission on Statistical Physics.
His day to day: wake up, eat and work out the physics of chaos and complexity
– Musician and composer.
He’s been actively writing for numerous recordings, performances and productions in commercial music, rock, latin, film and television. (
A step above an elementary school recorder player

Executive Chairman of Fundación Azteca
. He served as Secretary of the Interior and Secretary of Social Development during Mexico’s democratic transition of the 1990s. (
And several pages more on his resumé . . .

Writer and Philosopher.
He is a prolific writer of poetry and essay. He also teaches ontology at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. (
Writing poetry while debating about the existence: the definition of humanist
Writer, opera critic and music promoter.

He conducts TV shows on music critique and culture. In his spare time, he writes fiction.
Explaining opera and weird music to us mortals

Filmmaker and photographer.

Her style in documentaries got her the 2009 Sundance Documentary Directing Award for “El General.”
Natalia will take you on an adrenaline tour of Mexico with her filmmaking
July 22 | 10:00 am | Palace of Fine Arts
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