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Ecotourism Case Study: Tataquara Lodge

No description

Barbie Roberts

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Ecotourism Case Study: Tataquara Lodge

Ecotourism Case Study: Tataquara Lodge
Buuut... is it good for the economy?
Co-op of local tribes
Straight to local economy
Local food = money saved
Lodge creates jobs for locals (and not as waiters or cleaners, because it isn't owned by a big, nasty corporation)
People in nearby villages are encouraged to sell local crafts and perform traditional songs and dances.
Profits provide decent healthcare and education for
1000s of people


What is Ecotourism?
Tataquara Lodge
Xingu River, Brazil
Co-op of six local tribes
15 rooms
Fishing, canoeing, wildlife viewing, forest walks.
Endangered wildlife
But are there
Environmental Benefits?
Founder of The Body Shop, Dame Anita Roddick, visiting the Lodges
Yes (again!)
And there's Sustainability?
The quality of life improves for the local people.
Development and production money is generated without damaging the environment
Locals employed ≠ ways that could damage the environment
More resources are available for future generations
Local materials
No cutting
The buildings blend in (aesthetic environment)
Solar power
Locally produced food
Less transport, less fuel
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