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Summer Internship Project

No description

manpreet singh

on 17 September 2014

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Transcript of Summer Internship Project

Company Vision & Mission

Company Profile

Project Details
Company Structure
Department Overview
Presented By -
Shreya Gupta
2013 - 2015
National Institute of Fashion Technology,
Date -
17th Sep'2014
Company Profile:
Company Vision:
Company Mission:
“To be the leading lifestyle fashion company in India by creating exceptional brands and shopping experiences that will bring alive the Indian idiom of fashion.”
“We at Future Lifestyle Fashions aim to create a globally recognized fashion organization here in India by bringing alive the Indian idiom of fashion". We thus strive to:
 Be the most preferred fashion destination in India
 Create the most preferred portfolio of fashion brands
 Be as the most innovative, efficient, and profitable retailer
 Be the preferred employer in the fashion space
 Be the trendsetter in Indian fashion through superior understanding of the culture, style code, passion and aspirations of the Indian consumers.
 Create happiness for customers, colleagues, business partners and every stakeholder

Future Lifestyle Fashions Limited [FLF] has been formed through the demerger of the lifestyle fashion businesses of Future Retail Limited (formerly Pantaloon Retail (India) Limited) and Future Ventures India Limited.
brings multiple products, opportunities and services to millions of customers in India. Through over 16 million square feet of retail space, they serve customers in 95 cities across the country. Most of all, we help India shop, save and realize dreams and aspirations to live a better quality of life every day.
Group Overview
Founded in – 1987
City Presence – 95
Number of Employees – 30,000
Own Brands & Franchise Brands – 23
Retail Space – 16 million+ sq.ft
Footfalls per year – 300 million (approx)
Partnerships – 12 business partners around the Globe

Company Structure
Project team comprises of two department i.e.
Business Development

Experience Design Team

The designing team works on the coming in advance for the proper functioning of the industry. At present FLF designers are working on 2015-2016 range plan.
Study of the Marketing Aspects, Focusing on the Digital Presence of the Brand
Summer Internship Project
Future Lifestyle Fashions, Mumbai

Future Lifestyle Fashions Ltd.
Future Lifestyle Fashions has seven major concepts-
 Planet Sports – All sports wear brand
 Lee Cooper – Casuals and denims
 Central – Multi brand Organization
 Brand Factory – Discount store
 Ethnicity – Ladies-men ethnic wear
 All – Section for big sized people
 Indus League – Franchise brands

Company Hierarchy
Project Team
Fashion Designing Team
Buying Team - The buying team work starts from the range planning to weekly sales tracking. A buyer keeps all the possible records and tracks all the activities of the vendors. They also look forward to the issue of PO to the vendors.

Sourcing Team - The sourcing team is responsible for the allocation of vendors for each category selected in the range plan. They also keep the records of WIP of the respective export houses. Therefore, the basic functioning of the sourcing unit is the track the vendors and follows up with them till the shipment to company warehouse and stores.
Category Team

Fashions Ltd.
Retail Ltd.
Fashion Brands-

Celio – A man’s world
UMM – Underground Music Movement
Lee Cooper
RIG – Utility Clothing
Bare Casuals – Keeping it Real
Scullers – This is Life

Indigo Nation – Young Like That
John Miller
All – the plus size store
Daniel Hechter
Urbana – The Master Piece
Lombard – Makers of classic Fashions
Manchester United
I'm in

Business Development Team

The work of the property team starts from the idea of opening a new store of any of the store concepts. The team gets the best possible property options on pan India basis depending upon the Research & Development criteria i.e.
- Competitors Strategy
- Past experiences
- Public Catchment

- City Specifications
- Brands / competition mapping
- About the Site
- Property Specifications / SPECS
- Current pictures of the property
- Demographics profile and Catchment
- Google View / Google Mapping
- Layouts
- Commercials (mentioning the landlords expectations)

Key Criteria -
Organization Structure
Department Overview
Departments Covered
1. Planning Team
2. Fashion Designing Team
3. Category Team
Buying Team
Sourcing Team
4. Technical Team
5. Marketing Team
6. Visual Merchandising Team

Work Flow of Buying Team
Work Flow of Sourcing Team
Technical Team
Technical team takes care of the quality of each category. It covers almost all the criteria, specifications required for quality control. They prepare brand wise specsheet or say Brand Library where they keep all the necessary details/specifications of the garments as respect to their brands.
Marketing Department
The working of the marketing department is based upon the Trend Analysis which is done on the basis of last year figures & growth analysis and current market trend (Like to like conditions – LTL and Current Base).
Visual Merchandising Team
The VM team works for the 2 seasons i.e., SS and AW where they launch the store window and inside display. They usually focus on 3 big days when they put 3 different clusters within the store i.e., on 26th January, 1st week of May and 15th August (Maha Bachat). During the season they keep promoting the current events through communications.
On the basis of these divisions the dept plans their activity on weekly basis and divide their budget accordingly.
Project 1
Task 1
Understand the basic functioning of the Brand factory formats in Vikhroli & Thane store, store performance and handling the CRM activities at store level.
Task 2
Competitor Analysis on the basis of Customer Loyalty Program. Competitors Taken for this study :
- Globus - Pantaloons - Lifestyle - Shoppers Stop

Project 2
Social Media (special focus on Facebook) Promotional Plans for Brand Factory and Additions can be made to the payback plan
Project 3
Digital Marketing Study and Probable Opportunities for Brand Factory covering all the aspects of Digital Marketing
Project 4
Analysis and Cross Verification of SOPs for exchange
 Recording and maintaining the performance of brand on a regular basis (daily/weekly basis) helps to keep a better track of where the brand is going and where it was intended to be.
 Communication and Co-ordination is a key element for the marketing team for an effective execution of the processes of promoting a particular brand.
 Every nature of work is important; no work is small or big.
 Learn to adapt to new forms of interactions and expectations of customers.
 Be ready to learn new things, accommodate to different situations and adapt cordially to changes if it helps in better performance of your brand.
 Came across the actual need of promotional activities in the present scenario and also it is done effectively.
 The importance of CRM for any brand to retain their customers.
 The role that services play in brand promotion and also customer convenience.
 Learn how particular store productivity is calculated based on the promotions.
 Also get a thorough idea about the digital marketing and the role social media is playing now a days.
 Learn about marketing in a real sense, from an idea to its execution, what criteria should be necessarily covered.

Brand Profile
Brand Factory
The brand new concept introduced by FLF that provides value shopping services to the customers. This format provides highest discount offers in the town on many brands. The basic idea of this concept is to provide the opportunity of consuming all reputed brands at value price. The target audience of this concept is the aspirational customers and the middle class people.
Total stores – 37
Area Covered – 1 mn sq.ft (approx)
Coming Up Stores – 4
Tagline – Best Brands * Smart Prices

Brand Overview
Thank You!
Experience Design Team
The team works on all the basic touch points of the respective concept/brand that they are working on. Few of the basic touch points which they focus on are –
• Smell/choice of fragrance
• Background Music
• Touch and feel of the store
• The store aura (Lighting, interiors etc)

Team Functioning
1. Site Visit
2. Role of Core Design Team - preparing GFCs
3. CAPEX Team - preparation of overall Budget
4.CPC (Central Procurement Cell) - procure raw materials from the vendors.
5. PMC (Project Management Cell) - takes care of the project activities.
6. Project Execution Team
7. Operations Team
8. Inauguration
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