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Heritage Trail

No description

Ben Wells

on 28 February 2015

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Transcript of Heritage Trail

Why Here? Why Now?
The Blackwater River is well suited for development as a maritime heritage trail due to its ecological diversity, natural resources, and historical significance. This project is spearheaded by local individuals and falls into a larger revitalization of the Milton and Bagdad waterfront communities.
Supporting Organizations
Project Location
Natural and Cultural Landscape
Blackwater Maritime Heritage Trail
Who are We?
We are composed of a group of individuals who reside in the greater Bagdad-Milton area and are involved with a number of other organizations. With the support of these and many other local organizations, such as you, we hope to make this trail the base for heritage trail development on the serene Blackwater River.
What is a Heritage Trail?
To construct a maritime heritage trail between Milton, FL, to Bagdad, FL (specifically north of the I-10 overpass to Carpenter's Park)
Marking features
Entry/exit points
Camping areas
Picnic facilities
Highlighting areas of interest
Lumber Industry
Civil War
Fishing Industry
Vernacular watercraft and construction
Brick Manufacturing
Trail Objectives
No physical route markers or way points placed on natural landscape
Exception for sponsor plaques in public places
Protection of resources
Use of original place names
Stewardship by users
Focus and Concerns
Develop a water trail that embodies the spirit and history of the Blackwater River, local towns, and people
Maritime heritage trails are about the use of waterways, the traditions, skills, arts, and crafts of the people and their communities, the artifacts, documents, buildings, structures, and vessels that reflect our past maritime endeavors.
The purpose of a maritime heritage trail is to interpret the resources present in an innovative manner that augments the individual's interaction with the maritime resources. Maritime heritage trails are generally not formal paths but, rather, are a collection of historically and culturally important places.
The Blackwater Maritime Heritage Trail will provide this opportunity while allowing the individual the opportunity to "choose their own adventure."
Bagdad Waterfronts Florida Partnership, Inc.
Current Research
A maritime heritage trail allows individuals to be not just a consumer of the past, but an active participant in its preservation for the future.
Research Progress
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