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Black Death

AP European History

Kristin Oase

on 25 April 2011

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Transcript of Black Death

Death Where did the plague come from? Arrived from Asia in 1347 via Genoese boats carrying rats with infected fleas BUBONIC People bitten by fleas
Died within 2-3 Days PNEUMONIC Tramsitted through coughing
Died with 2-3 Days The Cycle The Symptoms Bulbous Boccaccio
The Decameron The victims ate lunch with their friends and dinner with their ancestors. Attempts To Stop The Plague Leeching A Doctor's Robe Flagellants Pogroms Against the Jews “A sickly season,” the merchant said,“The town I left was filled with dead,and everywhere these queer red fliescrawled upon the corpses’ eyes,eating them away.” “Fair make you sick,” the merchant said,“They crawled upon the wine and bread.Pale priests with oil and books,bulging eyes and crazy looks,dropping like the flies.” “I had to laugh,” the merchant said,“The doctors purged, and dosed, and bled;“And proved through solemn disputation“The cause lay in some constellation.“Then they began to die.” “First they sneezed,” the merchant said,“And then they turned the brightest red,Begged for water, then fell back.With bulging eyes and face turned black,they waited for the flies.” "I came away," the merchant said,
"You can't do business with the dead.
So I've come here to ply my trade.
You'll find this to be a fine brocade..." AND THEN HE SNEEZED!!!! A Little Macabre Ditty Hedonism Asceticism Enjoy life as long as possible Denial of all things sinful Wealthy people quarantined selves in countryside (inspired by Boccaccio and Chaucer Social Technological Economic Effects EXPERIENTIAL You will take the role of a member of a family living in medieval Europe during the 1300s. You must travel among the various towns and avoid contracting the bubonic plague, a deadly illness that is sweeping the continent. Move your desk into teams of fourEach team will represent a familyEach member of the team must remove a card from the envelope providedIf you remove a card showing a skull and crossbones, report to the teacherWhen the music plays, move to the next city. Return your original card to the envelope before you move to a new town. If you have already contracted the plague, place the card you were given by the teacher in the envelope at the new town. Then lie in the graveyard (i.e. ground) to show you were killed by the plague.Repeat the processGood luck!
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