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Welcome! The Go Guatemala Go! team is excited to show you around the amazing country of Guatemala! On our tour today we will explore three major cities while also learning enriching details about the history and economy, so let's get going!

Emily Levy

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Guatemala

Guatemala City, Guatemala Antique churches Animal lovers Kaminaljuyu Entertainment/Cultural activities and nightlife Fútbol nation Did you know? One of the most populous countries in Central America Distribution of income is highly unequal (15% extreme poverty)
Has the highest malnutrition rates Quick Facts Called: Republic of Guatemala
Government: Constitutional Democratic Republic
Capital: Guatemala City
Population: 13,276,517 people
Currency: Quetzal
Language: Spanish, 22 indigenous languages

La Antigua, Guatemala Parque Central Experimental Station Valhalla For those who love the great outdoors.... Volcan Pacaya Main Products Quetzaltenango Dancing Zunil Classical, Neoclassical and Italian Renaissance influences Maximon/San Simon History Proof of human settlers - 10,000 BC 1518 AD - First Spanish settlers Guatemala declares independence Guatemalan Civil War Religion in Guatemala 50-60 percent - Catholic

40 percent -Protestant

1 percent -
follow the indigenous Mayan faith

Catholicism was the official religion during the colonial era Protestantism has increased markedly in recent decades.

More than one third of Guatemalans are Protestant, chiefly Evangelicals and Pentecostals. It is common for traditional Mayan practices to be incorporated into Catholic ceremonies and worship, a phenomenon known as syncretism. The Scenic Views Guatemalan girls in their traditional clothing Mayan Ruins Night view of Guatemala City, Guatemala The Highlands of Quetzaltenango Guatemalan city in close proximity to a volcanic crater Calle Santander, tourist street Indoor market in zunil La Antigua Guatemala
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