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Rainforest Biomes

No description

Anne Tumlin

on 28 October 2012

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Transcript of Rainforest Biomes

Rainforest Biomes by Anne Tumlin the rainforest gets over 200 cm or 80 in of rain a year.
has more diversity of plants and animals then all the other biomes put together
has no real seasons the weather mostly stays the same all year.
one tree in the rainforest can hold 200 different species of animals. Characteristics of the Rainforest During the day the temp. is around 93 degrees fahrenheit and at night the temp. is 68 degrees farhenheit Abiotic Factors OF A RAINFOREST The temperature: Amount of rainfall: The average amount of rainfall a year is 160 inches. Producers of the rainforest: Biotic Factors Mangrove trees, Strangler figs, Curare vines, Coconut trees, and Liama vines. Animals of the rainforest: Toucans, Monkeys , Macas, Poison Dart Frogs, butterflys, and Parrots. Tropical Berries Bananas Parrot Butterfly Monkey Python Jaguar by. Anne Tumlin My Resources: www.blueplanet.com And a special thanks to Mrs, Smith for teaching me how to use prezi. :)
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