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Academic Writing: Writing in the third person

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Chris Bainbridge

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of Academic Writing: Writing in the third person

Writing in the Third Person First Person 'I wrote my essay after doing my research' Subjective viewpoint
Usually used when writing journals or reflections Second Person 'Before you wrote your essay, you researched your subject' Third Person 'The essay was written after research was undertaken' 'He wrote his essay after doing his research' Rephrase this paragraph in the third person 'After we arrived at the hotel we were met by the manager who allowed us to film in the restaurant. After much searching we were unable to find a plug socket for the lighting equipment and had to open the blinds to let natural light in.' Objective point of view I argue that… This essay argues that…
We researched the issue of… The group researched the issue…
I used semi structured interviews The chosen methodology was semi
as my methodology… structured interviews…
After this I will analyse topic x… Subsequently, topic x will be analysed…
I found that… It was found that…
We thought the results were… The results appeared to be… First Person… becomes third person
You can read further about this in Further discussion of this topic is found the work of Smith and Jones (2010) .
in the work of Smith and Jones (2010).

You may find it difficult to Replication of this experiment may
replicate this experiment. be difficult.
Your reading will be more Use of a study plan will improve the
effective if you have a study plan. effectiveness of one’s reading. Second person… becomes third person
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