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Limited Government Vs Unlimited Government

No description

lizbeth salas

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Limited Government Vs Unlimited Government

Limited Government Vs Unlimited Government
Limited Government
Unlimited Government
Limited Government is a government that has limited powers.
The laws and the Constitution limit the government's power.
Separation of powers also limit the government's power.
Check and Balances helps the branches to not over power each other
In a Limited Government the government is being placed for the people and their necessities. It helps protect our freedoms, rights, safety, and our privacy. It mostly benefits us, the people. Limited Government doesn't just have one leader, it has us the people to help control the government. The Government has to obey the laws they make up for their people.
In Unlimited Government there is no limits to the government's power.
There is usually one dictator that makes all the laws and that has all the power.
It benefits the leader more than the people.
What is Unlimited Government?
The people's rights, freedoms, privacy, and safety are not guaranteed. The dictator usually abuses his power. The people have no control over the government like limited government. Leaders have almost absolute power. Leaders do not have to follow the same laws that they make up for their people.
U.S. Constitution
Mexico's government
Unlimited Examples
Hitler (dictator)
The United Kingdom
Limited Examples
What is Limited Government?
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