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Koala Bear

You just have to think they are cute!!!!!

Jones Probe

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of Koala Bear

Animals in the Wild Koala
type of resource
Koala Bear
By: Sarah Prater
The koala bear has a soft wooly fur that is gray on top and white on their bellies. On the tip of their ears they have long white hairs. They carry their babies in a pouch. A full grown male koala will grow about 2-3 feet in height.
Koala bears only live in Australia. What's funny is that even though they only live in Australia, they are well known all across the world. Usually they are found in eucalyptus trees and gum trees. Koala eat and sleep in these trees.
Koala's Paw Print
Koala's Silhouette
A male koala bear will weigh anywhere from 9-20 pounds. Koalas only eat leaves.They mostly eat eucalyptus leaves. Sometimes they eat mistletoe.
Baby koala bears are kept in their parent's pouch until they are 5-7 months old. When they are born they look more like a pink jellybean than a koala because they are hairless. they only weigh one gram, they are blind, and they have no ears.
Wombats are the koala's closest relative.I don't know about you but I would have never guessed that a wombat and a koala were related!
Wombats and Koalas
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