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Greco Persian War

Rylee, Kiera, and Cheyenne

cheyenne neal

on 29 March 2011

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Transcript of Greco Persian War

Greco Persian Wars In the Battle of Marathon. Athenians didn't fight alone. The had the Plateae by their sides. Sparta sent a message to Cyrus the Great and warned him to stay away from the Greeks mainland. Cyrus just said "who are the Spartains?" and ignored the message. The Greeks sent about 7,000 men and 271 ships to the pass of Thermopylae By 546 BC the Persians had conquered all the wealthy Greek settlements. This is the discussing of the Greek strategy: Decree of Themistocles The Greco Persian Wars was a series of conflicts between Greek and Persia. (500-449 BC) The Helmet This was a real helmet used in the war by the Greeks. This is the outfit that the Athenians wore. This is what the horses wore on thier mouths and noses. Greek culture This is the largest city of Greece: Athens. The Greeks were very unique people, exspecially the Athenians. Everybody was free as long as they followed the Greek laws. This was rare for ancient times. The Athenians believed in the abiliaty to strive for excellence, no matter what the challange. This is how they achieved such phenomenal (phenomenal means unbelievably great) accomplishments. The balance of mind and body is what they also believed in. Even though most strived to become athletes and soldiars, others ventured into drama, the arts, pottery, and philosophy. This was all important to the Anthenians and the rest of the Greeks but the two most important concepts were found inscribed in the Delphi. This read "Know thyself" and "Nothing in excess". This pholisphy is what greatly impacted the Greek civilization. One of the most famous city-states in Greek was Athens, named after Athena, goddes of wisdom and thier citys patron (patron means someone who supports or champions something). The Acropolis The Acropolis was the high fortress and reliogous shrine for the Athenian people. The Acropolis is dedicated to goddess Athena. The walls were made out of limestones and inside the walls was where the Athenians built temples and buildings. Horses wear This is only a small veiw of the beautiful city-state Athenians shield The scorpion stands for wisdom and self- distuction. Athenian Art Athenian art is some of the most unique art in the world. They were GREAT lovers of art. You could find the fine art on sculptures, pottery, architecturial designs, and fine jewerly. The Greeks: Athenians greek artifacts All of this pottery was from the Greeks. Map of War Special thanks to our most helpful sources!! Youtube
Athena Athena: goddess of wisdom. Athenians worshiped Athena just like Christians would worship Jesus Christ and Cathlics would worship Virgin Mary. Thanks for learning with us,!
Made by:
Riley Griffis
Kiera Guevarra
Cheyenne Neal Bye!! 500-479 BC Everywhere else:
China: Chuo Dynasty conquers Shang Dynasty
Rome: Rome defeats Leono and Phippy at the battle of Lake Regillus
Egypt: nothing. But the closest event was in 525 BC and the Persians conquered Egypt.
Africa: Greeks establish colonies along the coast of the Red Sea
Europe: Greek defeats Persians invasion at Battle of Marathon Athenian War Outfit Now for a celebration for the ending of this presentation!
GREEK MUSIC!!!!! Here is a short clip of some more examples of Greek art MR. THOMPSON ROCKS!
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