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Elementary School Media Center


Christine Clark

on 24 November 2013

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Transcript of Elementary School Media Center

A Media Center is:
The heart of an Elementary School.

The Media Center Provides:
A place to learn, imagine, dream, and read.

Common Core Standards are supported by teaching students how to be effective users of print and online resources.
The Media Specialist
I will be a leader who has earned respect, not demanded it. High expectations and a love of learning, literacy, and technology will advance the library as well as those it serves. I will strive to form a team that will leave lasting contributions to the library.
I promise as your Media Specialist to:
Set clear expectations and hold each person accountable for their responsibilities.
Staff, Students, and Assistants will be held to high expectations of following the rules and regulations.
Seek advice and counsel from those around me because different backgrounds bring different perspectives.
Listening to others is the key to understanding differences.
If you aren’t developing your students then you aren’t developing your community.
In order to develop students the library needs financial backing.
of the school budget is alloted towards the Media Center.
Where to receive funding:
Private donors
Book Fairs
How additional funding will be distributed in the Media Center
Students, staff, parents, and the community deserve an up-to-date media center.
Supporting the core curriculum with both fiction and non-fiction books.
Updating the current technology to touch screen computers, ebooks, and a listening station.
Creating innovative reading and learning stations.
Purchasing the most recent edition of resource materials.
Funding will be spent on:
Top 3 groups the Media Center supports
1. Students 2. Teachers 3. Parents
Students want a media center that provides them with resources to spark the imagination, books to teach them facts, and technology that will prepare them for the future. Students need a spot to feel confident in their ability to gather accurate information and use it correctly.

Students in the Media Center
Students will use technology, including e-books, effectively to prepare them for the future as well as find materials in the library with little to no help.

Students are able to find materials that are entertaining and materials that aid in supporting the core curriculum for research and learning.

Students have a comfortable spot to read, imagine, research, hypothesize, and relax with a good book.

* Collection analysis of circulation of e-books from the media center and classroom computers.

Students are proficient in using the computer to find the information, earning better grades and feeling confident in their ability to gather information independently.
Collection and inventory review to show age of fiction and nonfiction materials.

Students are excited and love to come check out a book. They are comfortable making book selections and suggestions.

Survey students if they are comfortable in the library.
Students are comfortable doing all manner of reading and research in the library using the unconventional seating options.

Teachers in the Media Center
Teachers want resources and assistance.
Teachers need the library to be an extension of their classroom curriculum.

Teachers want to have access to resources and materials that will be most advantageous to the attainment of academic objectives.
Library Usage Report
The library collection becomes an integral part of teachers’ lesson planning and student learning.
Library Usage Calendar and circulation records

Teachers are supportive of the library and will convey their support to other teachers and the principal.
Staff Development Logs and End of Year Resource Request Report
More budget monies will be allotted to the acquisition of library resources relating to the curriculum
Teachers rely on media center resources and assistance to offer them and their students reliable, updated materials that correlate to the curriculum so that the learning community may attain their learning objectives, and hopefully exceed expected educational growth.
Parents expect the media center to provide quality, free resources to their children to enhance their education. Additionally, they want their children to learn how to utilize and evaluate information resources both inside and outside the library. A quality media program should engage parent communication and support.
Parents in the Media Center
Parents and students have access to the highest quality resources when they are needed.
OPAC reports indicating age of collection, resources with awards, curricular connections
The library collection becomes an integral part of teachers’ lesson planning and student learning.
Tuckaseegee Elementary School Media Center
"We do more than loan books; we empower"
Our stakeholders guide every decision we make for the media center.

Our evaluation plan will determine how successfully we have met their needs.

Evaluation Plan
Students, teachers, administrators, assistants, support staff, and volunteers visit the library weekly.
An under - funded budget translates to less new books, less weeding of old materials, less services available, and less updating. Our Stakeholders deserve more.
School Budget
1.32 %
Christine Clark
LBS 6031
Our school media center evaluation plan concentrates on the three essential stakeholder groups of students, teachers, and parents. Our evaluation plan will determine how well the media center currently meets these stakeholder groups’ desired outcomes. Specific measures have been identified as targeted surveys, circulation reports, collection analyses, test scores, library usage counts, and balanced literacy levels. The media center is an integral part of all aspects of a student's educational development. During the period of August 2012 to December 2013, data will be collected and analyzed. The results of this analysis will be reported at a staff meeting as well as to the Media and Technology Advisory Committee and will be disseminated through the media website and published on the media center data wall.

Money is spent on materials that benefit their children.
The resources are used to enhance their child’s education.
Budgetary report on money spent next to an analysis of circulation reports

Test scores, report cards, and circulation results go up.
Parents will understand the need for continuing to support the school library with yearly refresh of resources.

Parents will make a direct correlation with library resources and supporting literacy to improved educational outcomes.
We are more
The media center is more than a room full of books. A Media Center Specialist educates, coaches, empowers, and makes lifelong readers.
The State and Purpose of the Tuckaseegee Elementary School Media Center
A Place and a Set of Services
The Elementary School Media Center is both a physical place and a set of services. It serves as a central location for students and staff to use technology, explore all forms of printed materials, and share ideas.
To assure I leave behind a positive legacy:
I will always look to the future and do what is best for the school, students, and staff.
There is an ethical obligation to stay up-to-date on technology and materials and I will use conventional and unconventional sources to obtain financial support for this endeavor.
Total school media center expenditure:
$ 85,596.80
Media center expenditure per student:
$ 107.00
Total district instructional expenditure per student: $
Percentage of district instructional expenditure per student for the media center:

Distribution of Funds:
Annual Cost of Operating Tuckaseege Elementary School Media Center
Personnel Cost Salaries including Benefits

Media Specialist
: $42,132.80
Media Assistant
: $38,714.00

Total Pay
: $80,846.80

Acquisitions Cost

Books (print and ebooks)
Audiovisual equip
Web-based resources
Total All



Furniture :
Supplies :
Total :


Media Spending
Tuckaseegee Media Center only spends
per student for acquisitions.
The National average for media center acquisitions is
per student

Stakeholder groups in order of importance and influence:
1. students 2. teachers 3. parents 4. family members 5. community 6. administrators
7. teacher assistants 8. volunteers 9. board of education 10. alumni 11. secretorial staff
12. janitorial staff

STAKEHOLDER: A person with an interest
or concern in something
influence every aspect of the media center. From the collection development to the weeding process to the set-up students are the first and single most important aspect. All things should first be done with the students in mind. A welcoming library with up-to-date technology and popular books keeps the students wanting to come back again. The media center should be not only a place to check out books but a place to research, study, read, and use learning technologies.

are an important influence in the media center... important, as they each present unique skills, extensive understandings of their students strengths and weaknesses, and a comprehensive knowledge of the curriculum. Effective collaboration with the classroom teacher is paramount in order to provide teachers and students with optimal materials, learning opportunities, and increased appreciation of the resources the library provides.

influence their children to value the resources that the library offers. When families have a high level of engagement in their child’s education, data indicates success in literacy. Additionally, Studies have shown that schools with strong media programs, especially those involving collaboration between librarians and teachers, produce higher test scores, which many parents desire as proof of a quality education.

Stakeholder Influence
A well led and properly funded media center will be the backbone and heart of the school. It will serve as a haven for some, a place of learning, wonder and dreaming for others, and a place of empowerment and enrichment for all.
Media Centers Impact Learning
Tuckaseegee Elementary School spends
for acquisitions. The median for the US is
. That is
below the national average.
The American Library Association (2013) reported that school libraries have steadily received the most cuts in funding, and staff, than any other program within public schools.
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