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Blood Brothers

No description

Helen Law

on 4 September 2015

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Transcript of Blood Brothers

What makes a good mother?
I would like you to select quotations from the sections previously studied that present her as a good mother.
You have 8 minutes.
Wednesday's Lesson:

Exam Paper Introduction-discussing timings and questions (10 mins)

Understanding Themes-group work surrounding theme descriptors (30 mins)

Theme Presentations (20 mins)


The decline of Mrs Lyons-whole class task based on the character Mrs Lyons, focusing on her changing character (30 mins)

Reading next section of play (10mins)

Written Response-answering a question designed to challenge your new knowledge of themes and characte. (20 mins)


Theme Descriptor Task

Each group needs to choose from the following themes to analyse:
Fate & Destiny
Selfish vs Selfless
Social Class

Objective: Group discussion of what makes a good mother, linking to the text and Mrs Johnstone with relevant quotes.
Criteria: Select and evaluate relevant textual detail to illustrate and support interpretations
Pages 34-45, Mrs Lyons' decline.

How is Mrs Lyons changing? Try to use the themes on the board. eg. superstition.
How is Mrs Johnstone changing? What are the noticeable differences between the women at this point?


Turn to page
In front of you you will find a series of quotes from both women.
I would like you to match the quote to the woman and the personality trait.
What change/characteristic does the quote show?

Once you have finished, I would like you to consider themes & sub-themes. Which quotes can you match to the themes on the wall?
OBJECTIVE: Explain how dramatic irony contributes to the writer’s presentation of the idea of a blood brothers pact.
CRITERIA: Interpretation of a blood brothers pact. Quotes located to support ideas
I need readers for the following characters:
Mrs Johnstone
Mrs Lyons

Open your text to page 15/16. We're going to read to page 24.
We will be discussing motherhood, make sure that you make notes and select quotes as we read.
You can work with the person next to you. You have 8 minutes.
I would like you to create a 'Wish List' of all the characteristics a good mother should have.
Wish List

Using the above theme and the ideas created (as well as the quotations you have selected) I would like you to write a couple of sentences discussing
Mrs Johnstone's role early on in the play. What is our first impression of her?
Motherhood & Maternal Instinct
Blood Brothers
Do we all agree?
Mrs Johnstone
What do these themes mean?
Pages 24-34. Volunteers please!

We're analysing the importance of the pact made between Mickey and Edward. I also want you to consider the themes of a ROLE MODEL & EXPECTATIONS, as well as HIERARCHY.
Role Models & Hierarchy

Who is the leader at this point in the play? Eddie or Mickey?Find quotes to reinforce your opinion.

Focus on language analysis at this point. Do any specific words reinforce the idea that one brother is more dominant?
Compare the presentation of Mrs Johnstone and Mrs Lyons in the beginning of the play.
Make specific reference to key quotes and language analysis.
What is the importance of the pact made? How does it represent dramatic irony and foreshadowing? Use quotations within your answer.
You have 20 minutes.
We're going to continue reading.

We are focusing on atmosphere and tone (this basically means how you, the reader, feel about the characters at certain points)

As we read I would like you to simply make notes on how you feel towards the characters.

Select an emotion.

Select a quote that represents your feeling.

Analyse the language choices in the quote.

Write up your findings. EG. In act 1 we see...this is an example of...the atmosphere that this moment creates is...an audience might feel...
Let's consolidate the emotions we all felt. I would like you to select evidence from the text that represents each emotion.
Atmosphere Task
In front of you is an atmosphere task pack. You will need to work with your group/row at various points but the majority of the task should be done individually.

Follow the steps through carefully, ensuring that you create detailed analysis points and notes.

We will feedback our findings and annotate the documents as a group at the end of the session.
Today's Plan

First Hour:
Atmosphere Task - 35 minutes
Feedback on findings - 10 minutes


Emotions/Atmosphere Task-15 minutes
Reading Play-20 minutes
Recap opening scene/analyse the mood

Purple Pen of Progress
I would like you to respond to my feedback and make amendments to your response.

I will give you 10 minutes to do this.
Analyse This!
"You! (screaming) You! Why didn't you give me away! (he stands glaring at her, almost uncontrollable with rage). I could have been... I could have been him!"
Hierarchy/Atmosphere Task
With one week to go there are still a few areas of analysis that require our attention. In front of you is a 5 part task. This task will take you roughly 40 minutes to complete (I will put a clock on the board).

Read and annotate the extracts carefully and complete all tasks.

You need to hand your final response to me.
You need to create a revision resource for next week. This will include key themes & quotes to memorize in time for the mock on Wednesday.
Suggestion: split your page into themes/plot events/quotations.
Split the play into 3 parts:
and select 5+ quotes for each section.
This needs to be completed for homework (for your own benefit!)
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