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Dream Water Campaign

The Odd Man Out

Jennifer Huang

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Dream Water Campaign

The Odd Man Out Agency Evangeline Alva
Katie Fuller
Jennifer Huang Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Situation Analysis Strategy Creative Brief Survey Questions Media Plan Television Radio Print Out of Home Internet Radio - Pandora, Spotify Monthly, national magazines that draw young educated adults
Maxim, GQ, Rolling Stone, Cosmo, Nylon, People Bus Shelters and Bus Sides
Target for metropolitan areas
More foot traffic than car traffic
Regional areas and cities include the New York metropolitan area and Chicago
For car centric cities
Los Angeles & Houston Mobile & Internet Facebook
Popularity of facebook among 18-24 year olds
Advertise on social media websites to increase overall consumer awareness
Ads will be placed on the sides of the page
Late night facebook users will be our target
Ranging from college students to young working professionals
Sponsoring an App
Sponsor a useful alarm clock mobile phone application Creative Interactive Social Budget Breakdown "Tired of fighting to fall asleep?

With all natural ingredients, zero calories, and a gentle rolling sleep inducing sensation, Dream Water helps you get the 8 hours of rest you need for a happy, successful tomorrow.

Tired of Internet radio ads?

Wish we could help." WHY ARE WE ADVERTISING?
Dream Water is formulated to sleep easy, without the calories. Dream Water looks to improve the quality of sleep by relaxing and reducing your anxiety. It might be seen as more directed towards younger people, but that is because they are more likely to purchase the shot of Dream Water. Dream Water popularity boomed when it became noted for it’s use of all natural ingredients. We want to increase sales and awareness for Dream Water. Full Page Color Ads All natural
Zero calories
Lots of press coverage & celebrity endorsement
Very active on social media websites
Available in major retail stores
High success rate with the sampling
Relatively strong, positive reputation & of caring for customer well-being Not FDA approved
Not thoroughly tested for safety
No specific dosage
Sometimes difficult to find in stores
Press coverage does not reach consumers well
Recommended for use only for the short term
Undeveloped market for this type of product; demand is low Low barrier of entry for relaxation drinks
High national distribution
Expansion of image to achieving a more relaxed & less stressful lifestyle
More situational placement in areas where people need help sleeping
Get Dream Water placed at the “point of sale” or checkout areas Coffee & energy drinks more popular & commonly used
More accessible sleep-aid beverage products
Studies that show the three ingredients as harmful. Contain rational appeal and emotional appeal
Reach our target audience effectively
Create a playful, laid back character for the brand image of Dream Water by presenting information on the product in a humorous manner
Ultimately create a likable and fun brand image of Dream water through these ads Increase awareness of the product among target audience
Position as healthy & effective without negative side effects
Highlight the differentiation between Dream Water as a healthy choice & other sleep aids
Filter through traditional forms of advertising for the category of “relaxation shot” and create a platform for Dream Water as the go-to sleep aid product Campaign Objectives WHO ARE WE TALKING TO?
Men and Women 18-24. Modern Young Adult.
According to Dream Water’s Natural Standard their research has created an all-natural formulation to safely promote relaxation and enhance sleep. It attracts overstressed, multi-tasking, constantly focused and determined young adults. They are health conscious. It also attracts younger students who like the sleep aid that comes after a long night of studying. These people might be:
Healthy, energetic, youthful persons trying to be eco-friendly with a preferred sleep aid
Tend to be earthy and value importance of all natural ingredients
Tend to be hard workers who endorse only specific products to ensure health.
They typically get 5-8 hours of sleep a night and are the "work hard, play hard" types. Heavy activities for people in this segment include: Working at home, drinking coffee daily, school projects/homework, learning new things or expanding their knowledge, socializing/doing things with friends around town, keeping up with the latest health science. WHAT DO THEY THINK NOW?
Itʼs trendy. Itʼs soothing. It works like magic. And Dream Water is sold in many supermarkets, online, or pharmacies.

These people already use sleep aids. They don'ʼt need to be told why Dream Water is amazing, rather reminded what it is they love about the all-natural remedy. And, Dream Water is now the go-to product.

“Dream Water makes natural sleep even better.” WHAT MAKES THIS TRUE?
Dream Water uses three essential, all-natural ingredients to produce and ensure the best quality product for a relaxing, refreshed, and better night sleep. It is ranked #1 in Skin Care for Moms, and #6 in Bath & Skin Care

Invigorating. Funny. Quick for the overworked young adult. Do you have trouble sleeping?
On average, how many hours of sleep do you get a day?
Do you use sleep aids? (ex: melatonin, natural sleep aids, Nyquil, Unisom, anti-depressants)
Do you also drink energy drinks and/or coffee? If so, how often?
How did your sleep with the aid of Dream Water compare to a typical night of sleep?
Please describe your experience with Dream Water in 1-2 sentences.
How many hours a week do you exercise?
Would you describe yourself as a health-conscious person?
Would you change anything about the product? Please describe in detail.
Would you re-use this product? Cable
Majority of the television budget
18 to 24 year old target audience more apt to sit down for a cable premiere compared to a network premiere
Channels like Comedy Central, FX, & AMC
Shows: ‘It’s Only Sunny In Philadelphia’, ‘The Walking Dead’, & ‘The Daily Show’
Comedy centric programming will be the main target for primetime advertising Overstressed young adult drawn to less serious television after work.
NBC’s 30 Rock, Community, & The Office
ABC’s Modern Family
CW’s Vampire Diaries & Arrow
For the late night audience who can’t sleep already
For people who are awake at odd hours For the morning commute, more young adults will be listening to music on their iPod or phone than standard radio.
Play at typical rush hour period
7am-9 am
4pm- 7pm
The ads will be played on playlists of Top 20 Hits & Top Artists. More specifically reach our target than network TV Magazine Print Ads
"One thousand sheep in every bottle."
"One less midnight snack in every bottle."
"A cool side of the pillow in every bottle." Hulu
Target audience watches primetime TV shows on the internet on their own time
Appeal of availability of show shortly after it is aired
Late night TV for the people who struggle with sleep
Ads will appear in the same primetime TV shows: 30 Rock, the Office, Community, Vampire Diaries, Modern Family and Arrow Dream Team Campus ambassadors
Product giveaway trucks
Promotional giveaways at college campuses
Increase awareness and buzz marketing among college students. Continuous
First month: inundate the consumer with almost twice as much advertising to target reach
Rest of the year: continuously,but less frequently.
Internet Radio
Sponsored “Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock” app (one year)
Continuous & Monthly
Bus Sides and Shelters
“Dream Team” live campaign
January, March, August and November
Peak times for school exams when students are most sleep deprived. Media Plan Schedule Internet Radio Ad Sample Television & Internet
"Party" "Rescue Your Dreams / Angry Boss" Street teams and promotional trucks
Working under the name of "the Dream Team" from the TV spots, bringing them to life
Synergy across media vehicles
Interaction with potential customers on college campuses Collaboration with Smart Alarm Phone App
Wakes you up after you come out of REM cycle sleep
Will help give the customer a proper night’s rest Q&A Magazines
6 Full Page Ads x 75,000= $ 450,000/month
(1 year period= $5.4 mil)
Cost of production for 3 ads plus still photography: $172,000
Total: $5,572,000

Cable Networks
(Walking Dead, Man Men)
First Month: $1,500 x 105 PPW= $157,500
$157,500 x 4week/m= $630,000
Rest 11 months: $ 1,500 x 100 PPW= $150,000
$ 150,000 x 4 weeks/m= $600,000
$600,000 x 11 months= $6,600,000
Network Stations
(primetime: Modern Family, Community, Vampire Diaries, Revenge)
First Month: $10,000 x 75 PPW= $ 750,000
$ 750,000 x 4 weeks/m= $3,000,000
Rest 11 months: $10,000 x 30 PPW= $30,000
$30,000 x 4 weeks/m= $120,000
$120,000 x 11= $1,320,000
(Reruns, Infomercials)
First Month: $500 x 20 PPW= $10,000
$10,000 x 4 weeks/m= $40,000
Rest 11 months: $500 x 20 PPW= $10,000
$10,000 x 4 weeks/m= $200,000
$200,000 x 11= 2,200,000
TOTAL: $13,790,000 Billboards
35 Billboards Cost of production: $99,700
Cost of running per month: $10,000
$10,000 x 12= $120,000
TOTAL: $219,700

Internet Radio (Pandora/Spotify)
Cost of productions: $8,000
Cost per running monthly: $35,000 (x2 medium vehicles)
$75,000 x 12 months: $900,000
TOTAL: $908,000

Sponsoring an App
TOTAL: $100,000

Sponsoring Facebook ads/websites
Cost per month: $15,000
$15,000 x 12 months: $180,000
TOTAL: $180,000

Cost of production: $75,000
Cost of running ad: $150,000
$150,000 x 12 months: $1,800,000
TOTAL: $1,875,000

10 Bus Shelters
Cost of Production: $2300
Cost of running: $800
$800 x 10= $8,000
TOTAL: $3,100
15 Bus Sides
Cost of production: $1950
Cost of running: $500
$500 x 12: $6,000

Miscellaneous: “Dream Team”
$23,655,750 Kristina Kuhle
David Morris
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