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Credible Websites

10 tricks to determine whether or not to trust a website.

Lydia Bertram

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Credible Websites

Domain Name
What kind of site is it?
college or university
Commercial (makes money!)
Non-Profit Organization
information: library, personal website, city bus schedule, etc.
network: can be created by anyone for anything
The same as .com, except published in the UK
created by US Goverment
K-12 School
With so much information out there,
how do you know what to trust?!

These 10 tricks will help you decide!
Credible Websites
Who created the site?
author #1
OMG. I LOVE Justin Bieber! I'm going to create an awesome website all about him!!
Now that I have interviewed Justin Bieber, his mother and his agent, I'm going to write a short biography of his life.
author #2
When was the site created/last updated?
The current
President of the United States is
George W. Bush
Last updated: March 5, 2002
Who was this site created for?
What was the site created for?
Contact Information
Can you contact the author if you have questions?
Related Links
Do all of the links work?
Does the author cite his/her sources?
Does the information seem believable or far-fetched?
Although Abraham Lincoln is most known for serving as the president of the United States, he was also a very accomplished vampire hunter.
What does the site look like?
Spelling and grammar
gorge washington wuz the best presdent we evr had! he wuz gr8!
All about the Environment
It is good to recycle because then less stuff ends up in dumps.
Planting trees is good for the environment too.
Burning garbage is bad.
the pollution from big factories is bad.
Make sure your stuff ends up in the trash
Keep our neighborhoods a nice place to be.
Don't litter
Bugs are actually good for the environment
Font and color
Does it look professional?
Miley Cyrus is an awesome musician
She grew up in Nashville
Her dad's a singer too!
Created for sports fans
Created for people with cancer
Created for students
Created to make money
Created to help people with cancer
Created to keep students and parents informed about what's going on in class.
Email address
Physical Address
Phone number
Contact information means the author is willing to be held accountable for what they've published.
If you are not the target audience, will it still be appropriate for your research?
If the website wasn't created to be used for research on your topic, is it still appropriate to use for your research?
Does the information need to be very current for your topic?
Was it a college professor...
or the girl that sits next to you in Spanish class?
If their sources aren't cited, how do you know where they got their information? Did they make it up?!
Explore the website, even the information not directly related to your topic. Use your common sense. If it lists information you know to be false, choose a different site.
Hot pink?
Bubble letters?
Grammatical errors?
Pick a different site.
If the links on the page don't work, the website has not been properly maintained or updated.
This webpage no longer exists or has been moved.
Baquedano, Elizabeth. Aztec, Inca & Maya. London: Dorling
Kindersley, 1993. Print. Eyewitness Books.

Davis, Mary N. Aztecs: Reign of Blood & Splendor. N.p.: Time-
Life, 1992. Print. Lost Civilizations.
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