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Road to Civil War

No description

Renia Gray

on 7 May 2018

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Transcript of Road to Civil War

Steps to the project
1. First you need to determine if you are going to work independently or in a group.

2. Projects are worth 150 points so, choose carefully

3. No more than 4 people to a group. 3 is an ideal number.
Researching the Events
Each person will be responsible for completing their own research sheet for the project.
This information is covered on the final and Post DBQ so each person is must get their own information.
* You may create a google doc, HOWEVER THERE IS NO SHARING OF THESE DOCS..again these topics are very important so each person is responsible for gathering and organizing their own research.

Using the research to tell the story !

After you have completed the research it's time to share the cause and effects portion of this assignment.
Examine how these 8 events take us from a united country to one where the election of 1860 will see us divided and at war with our own people?

What is it? How does it push us toward WAR?
These can be digital, poster or brochure formats. Your product should be final product, publishing quality.
The purpose is to share the story of how these events together led us to down the path to CIVIL WAR.
1. All 8 events from the research chart must be included in your presentation.
2. You show clear connections to how the events worked together to led us to the Civil War.
3. Images are incorporated into the project. These can include maps, pictures of objects, events and or people, or political cartoons.
All sources utilized must have citations.
Follow MLA on Purdue Owl. Link is on your about section in ELA google classroom about section

Grading LOOK FORS!!!
Road to Civil War
Events that caused the War Between the States.
1. Accurate research information
2. Connections between events and leading the country to war.
3. Visual images, pictures, graphs, maps and or political cartoons.
4. Citations of sources.
The Road to
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