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No description

Chris Smithhisler

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of SONGS SIGMAS SING!!

SIGMA SINGS Days Of Tri Sigma Days of Tri Sigma will fly away die away
Days of friendship will be memories
We have loved we have learned
Let us now teach in turn
For the lame we have kindled forever must burn.
We must keep the flame burning for those to come.
All of our footsteps will fade away fade away
Others will follow the paths we have trod.
With pure hears filled with love and our songs willed with joy.
We must keep the flame burning for those yet to come.
We must keep the flame burning for those yet to come. Forever Sisterhood Joined in hands, we make a circle of love, lighting the flame of Sisterhood giving of your self, you will receive so much more, Sigma sisters, forever more, Sigma stands for shared experiences that deepen through the years, of happy glow and kindness that Tri Sigma's smiles reveal it's a special feeling a gentle knowing that's beautiful and real, a bond called Forever Sisterhood as the violet grows we strive for higher goals with hope and courage we're "Faithful Unto Death" Strengthened by a faith and loyalty we're vowed to Tri Sigma Sisterhood. Founders Day Long years ago in Farmville, A group of maidens fair Were joined in bonds of friendship and formed Tri Sigma there, Gave meaning to our symbols And set their standards high, And with the skull and crossbones They called it Sigma Tri. They worked through years of hardships And toiled to spread her fame, They rallied other chapters Around her glorious name. In sacred bond united We e'er shall sing her worth, Tri Sigma is out order, To us the best on earth. 3 In The Light In the light of Sigma love we stand, Loyal daughters serving hand in hand.
By her wisdom she will be, Guardian of our destiny.
And so before we bid you fond goodbye
Let us pledge to Sigma you and I
The Bonds of friendship never die.
Till we meet again. One Little Candle It is better to light just one little candle than to stumble in the dark. Take the light that we offer Tri Sigma's candle
Let it be a guiding spark. May you carry the glow of our candle with you, Keeping Tri Sigma near in what ever you do Now each one of you've given one little candle let us give their Light to you. Our Pledge We will be true to thee, For thou art worthy, And we will honor thee, For thou art noble; O Tri Sigma, our own Tri Sigma, We will love Thee. Stately and Royal Stately and royal, Sigma stands a queen so fair; Faithful and loyal, We her daughters swear To protect her ever, E'er to wave her colors high, To forsake her never, Faithful till we die. Sigma, Sigma, Sigma, Ever true to thee will be, Sisters to each other, Daughters good to thee. Dear steadfast mother, We would gather at they feet, Loving each other, Learn they teachings sweet; Learn thy mystic meaning, Tread they paths of virtue bright, Harvest reaping, gleaning, In the fields of right. Sigma, Sigma, Sigma, Ever true to thee will be, Sisters to each other, Daughters good to thee. Go onward, Sigma, Ever strive to higher rise, No strain Or stigma, On thy fair name lies, Let each daughter ever Strive to do her best for thee, That no strain may ever On thy fair name be. Sigma, Sigma, Sigma, Ever true to thee will be, Sisters to each other, Daughters good to thee. Tri Sigma Grace For thy love and for thy care, For the food thou didst prepare, For thy goodness every where: Father in heav'n, we thank Thee. Amen. Today Today purple violets grow deep in our hearts, They bind us in sisterhood though we may part, A million tomorrows may all pass away, Ere we forget Sigma joy we have known today. An arc in a circle, we're many in one, And sad we will be when our parting must come, And youth fades away
Our hearts gather memories Sweet violets of yesterday.
Tri Sigma will teach us to love, share and give
Her wisdom will guide us as long as we live, And though we may travel far from Sigma love
Her violets will cling to our hearts. Hear Them Say Just as the scent of a violet lives on So will the Love of a Sigma be strong Sigma hearts ever true to the ways Never forgetting the Oath that was made (hear them say) Sisterhood will last a life time. The bonds will never fade you'll hold these friends for always through your days. Sigma Sisterhood deepens thru the years. Bringing together the joy and the tears So pen your heart and let Sigma's in And find that special closeness with them (hear them) Sisterhood will last a lifetime. The bonds will never fade you'll hold these friends for always through your days. Pass It On It only takes a spark to get a fire going and soon all those around will warm up to its glowing that's how it is with Sigma once you've experienced it you spread its love to everyone You want to pas it on.
What a wondrous time is spring when all the trees are budding The birds begin to sing, the flowers start their blooming, That's how it is with Sigma once you've experienced it You want to sing, its fresh like spring You want to pass it on.
I wish for you my friend this happiness that I've found to share, to love, to give, no matter where our lives are bound, We'll shout it from the mountaintop We want our world to know Of Sisterhood, of Sigmas love We want to pass it on. Tie A Little String Around Your Finger Tie a little string around your finger Tri Sigma says remember me Every little thing to make us linger In your memory; For if you should love another Think how sorry we would be, So tie a little string around your finger, A Sigma memory.
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