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TOK: Emotion- a way of knowing

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Christine Chong

on 9 April 2015

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Transcript of TOK: Emotion- a way of knowing

-sometimes imagination uses emotion to produce ideas. ( ex. People who make you mad suddenly growing horns)



-emotion determines what information you choose to process and store for later use

-depends on emotion (ex. neutral)
-Faith that your memories and emotions are helping to make the right decisions
-Emotion can be used on its own as a WOK
-used as an identifier and if the emotion is strong enough, reason or other WOKS are not taken under consideration
Responding via emotions
-Resulting biases through emotion

TOK: Emotion- a way of knowing
Questions to think about :
What makes a bad day, a bad day ?
How do you justify the emotions of others based on their expression ?
Observe and conclude :)
Before we begin ...
How are you feeling right now, at this moment? How do you know ?
Why do you think you are feeling this way ?
Perceiving/ Processing

-The association of emotion through series of events

-First impression (initial feeling)

-Recalling emotion that was connected to certain memories

-Bringing back emotions that were used similarly to compare with new information
-Used as a perceptive tool (past emotion = lenses that affect the way we process and or feel towards objects objects/ideas
- Responding to life events through emotion associated with similar events
(Using emotion strongly linked with memory)
-Your perception of life-created through past experiences and a combination of all 8 WOK's

-Emotion is a powerful tool of perception that influences the way you process information and is incorporated in every other WOK
-Memory + Emotion (or another WOK)=
-Strong recollection
-Subconscious reaction to events using past experiences and learned emotional reactions
-Knowledge is obtained by how one processes information

-Information is viewed differently by each person and their different perceptions of the scenario
-Emotion through language can be perceived in different ways based on tone, context, body language
-Language is only a limited presentation of emotion
emotion is the interpretation of events
Sense Perception
Emotion in everyday life
-Think of situations where emotion is linked to your everyday life
Get into WOK groups and find a partner then discuss these questions.
-We incorporate emotions to the things we perceive through with our senses
-We also store these sensation with the emotions that we had during that time
- such as in the case of phobias or fears, put it in the subconscious and brought up by stimuli
-WOK's are stored together and extremely
close- almost inseparable

How is Emotion used as a way of knowing ( Compare the difference between Emotion and other WOK's)
What is Emotion to you?
Why is this video happy?
How does this video contrast with the other video?
Processed Knowledge is stored to later be brought up by events or a similar environment (stimuli)
The way we feel, understand and see knowledge
The "glasses" through which we view the world/knowledge
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