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Reintegration of Felons

No description

Camille Koosmann

on 20 July 2016

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Transcript of Reintegration of Felons

How to help the Winooski community
The three year return-to-prison rate for inmates released in 2007 is 43.3%
How Burlington and Winooski aim to reintegrate felons into the community
A landlord has the right to evict a tenant if they have been convicted of a crime that could pose a
threat to themselves or other tenants
Current Recidivism Rates
What does it mean to be a felon?
housing that allows ex-felons to build a support network that helps them successfully reintegrate
Monday, February 17, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Avoiding Recidivism is a Key Component of Successful Reintegration
Avoiding Recidivism - The Basics
Recidivism -
Go back to prison or get convicted again (Gleissner)

Why Does it Occur?
Adjusting affected by:
Social Stigma

Role as prisoner:
Discourages Reintegration
Encourages Negative Peer Groups
Felon Reintegration
How do Most People Feel about Felons?
Social Stigma
Stigma Affects:
Social Groups
Negative Influences

A Factor in:
How Stigma Effects Education
Offender Re-entry in Winooski
Basic Needs

Same type of program with additional restrictions
PO watches more carefully
More strict parole conditions
For high risk felons
Resources- Support Groups
Support Groups

Drug Treatment Programs

Alcoholics Anonymous

Family Support Groups
Dismas Housing
"He who opens a school door, closes a prison" -Victor Hugo
Resources - Education

Trade Schools
Earn a degree

Michigan Department of Corrections
Prisoner Education Program
13 Trades
The Problem
Conventional & Old-Fashioned

Job Search Resources
Get Involved Today
Volunteer for a dinner at the Dismas house

Volunteer with COSA and the offender re-entry program

Contact Eli Feree and the Winooski Community Justice Center for more information about this issue

(Bureau of Justice Statistics)
4 in 10 prisoners are likely to return to prison within three years of their release either due to technical violations or new crimes.

Effect of stigma on occupation
How does a felony conviction effect the job search?
Fast Food Restaurants
Delivery Drivers
Truck Drivers
Temp Agency Work
Construction Work
Telephone Customer Services
Health Care
Child Care
Public Office

"Research has shown that having a history of incarceration reduces a worker's chance of being hired by 15 to 30%".

According to a 2010 study the Center for Economic and Policy Research only 40% of employers said they were willing to hire applicants with a criminal history.

Reintegration in your Community
How do we help
felons find jobs?
Federal Bonding Program
Felony Franks
Job Fairs for Ex-Felons
A Chicago hot dog joint that hires only ex-offenders as a way to help them reintegrate
What is fidelity bonding?
A type of employment insurance for high-risk applicants
Helps felons market themselves
Protects employers from employee dishonesty
“Some cities are holding job fairs exclusively for people with criminal records. Detroit held such an event on October 12, 2011. “A lot of times, folks who come out [of jail] and get roadblock after roadblock and door closed, they give up and some of them re-commit crimes because they feel that’s their only option,” noted Detroit City Council President Charles Pugh. “[W]e feel that population needs just a boost of confidence and some hope that there are employers out there who will give them second chances.”
"When felons are released, many doors are closed to them, such as education and employment" -Eli Ferree

Higher Education Act of 1998
Possession: 1st = 1 Year; 2nd = 2 Years; 3rd = Indefinite
Distribution: 1st = 2 Years; 2nd = Indefinite

"Building a support network is key to reintegration"
-Eli Ferree
More serious crimes
Sentence of at least 1 year in a federal or state prison
Often associated with violent crime
Have many rights revoked
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