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Dress for Success

Kohl's Dept Stores > How to dress for success.

Blake Amick

on 27 April 2011

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Transcript of Dress for Success

How to
Dress for Success Sponsored by Kohl's Dept Stores Boys 1 2 3 4 Four Things to Consider 1.) Importance of Appropriate Attire. 2.) Business Casual vs. Business Professional. 3.) What not to wear. 4.) What to wear. 00:00:10 ...is all the time you have to make a lasting impression. 1 st thing to consider IMPORTANCE OF APPROPRIATE ATTIRE It's a & Girls MEN & WOMEN Reflection. 2 nd thing to consider BUSINESS CASUAL vs BUSINESS PROFESSIONAL casual professional employer info sessions
class presentations
job fairs (when specified) job fairs
luncheon / dinner
professional seminars Business Casual Is... Business Casual Is Not... Crisp, Neat, & Classic Khaki or dark pants, neatly pressed
Pressed long-sleeved, solid color buttoned shirt
Solid color polo shirts (for men)
Sweaters/Cardigans Flashy or Trendy this. Party attire
Picnic attire
Loud and Expressive
Revealing rd WHAT NOT TO WEAR to an INTERVIEW women. men. tops t-shirts, tanks, plunging necklines, sheer t-shirts, muscle tees, collar-less shirts, polos bottoms capris, shorts, denim, khakis, anything at or above the knee denim, cargos, khakis, shorts tops bottoms shoes sandals, tennis shoes, heels > 2", platform shoes, boots shoes flip flops, tennis shoes, boat shoes, converse-style, boots 3 thing to consider WHAT TO WEAR to an INTERVIEW 4 thing to consider th body art excessive jewelry, makeup, perfume/cologne The Basics,
for Men & Women Suit Color Quality Details Two piece matched suit Navy, dark gray (and black for women) Good quality, lasts for 2-3 years Clean, well pressed. Free of lint, tags, threads. WOMEN Suit Creased and Tailored. Not tight or flowing. Skirt Should cover thighs when seated. Ends at the knee. Tailored. Color Navy, dark gray, brown and black. Solid or very subtle weave pattern. Shirt Tailored blouse. Solid color or subtle print. Tailored sweater. Jewelry Conservative. One watch.
One ring. One set of earrings. Cosmetics Conservative. Clean trimmed nails. Simple nail polish. Shoes Leather. No to Low Heel. Hosiery Plainly styled. Sheer. Avoid high contrast between hose and suit. MEN Suit Creased and Tailored. Matching Jacket & Pants. Ties Silk. Subtle. No characters. Color Navy, dark gray. Black may be considered overly formal. Solid Color. Shirt Long-Sleeve, even in summer. White or light blue. Socks Dark socks, mid-calf.
Match with pant. Shoes Leather, lace-up. Black or Cordovan. Belt Black or Cordovan leather.
Match shoes. Facial Hair If worn, well groomed. Nothing extreme. Fashion Show! Tiffany Business Professional Business Casual Carla Business Professional Jimmy Business Professional Tori Business Casual Haley Business Casual Tony
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