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on 28 January 2013

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How Private is Your Private Life? Critical Commentary Persuasive Techniques Memorable Quote The text was very effecive. Rock uses an effective layout of chronological order, followed by examples and facts relevant to her point. Her insight into the opposing argument asserts her position well. Also, she uses a plethora of persuasive techniques that help lure the reader into favoring her side. However, the evident bias in her writing lessens the persuasiveness of her work. Overall, "How Private is Your Private Life" is a convincing piece, but not without fault. "Rapid advances in technology have fostered an ever-growing assault on our private lives" (Rock 623).
--- Author's Bias Loaded Language
"Plain Folks" Appeal
Appeal to Fear
Ethical Appeal "To wrap up, I return to my Excite home page to read my horoscope. 'Your home is your castle,' it says, 'and you are the supreme ruler within it's walls.' After today, I'm not so sure" (Rock 627.) Krystell Castro
Ms. Cheatwood Graphic Organizer by Krystell Castro Rock, Andrea. "How Private is Your Private Life? Literature.
Evanston: McDougal Littell, 2009. On the above quote, the author's words reveal a bias. By using the phrase, "assault on our private lives", she indicates that she believes technology is a threat to people's privacy. Articles
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