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The Brown, Potter, Bell, Hill, Nevarez, Villalobos Family Tr

No description

Estrella Brown

on 2 June 2015

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Transcript of The Brown, Potter, Bell, Hill, Nevarez, Villalobos Family Tr

Willie Earl Brown & Luz Elena Brown
Estrella Brown
High blood Pressure
Lucero Leslie Brown
Jonathan Brown
Family history of ADHD
Brown Family
Dad has high blood pressure & has had a stroke
Dado Brown
Step Brother
Ruth potter & Jr. Cecil Hill
Grandma has a pacemaker & low blood pressure
Grandma & Grandpa from dad's side
Maria de los hanges villalobos de Nevarez & Gabriel Nevarez
Grandma has a tumor in her stomach and type 2 diabetes
Grandma and grandpa from my mom side
The Brown, Potter, Bell, Hill, Nevarez, Villalobos Family Tree
Grandpa has high blood pressure & has had a few strokes
Leslie & Lou Ella Potter
Great Grandma and Grandpa
Willie Louis Potter & Catherine Kent Potter
Great Uncle & Aunt
Henry Lee Potter & Emma Andrews Potter
Clarence Potter & Charity Kent Potter
Willie Mathis Potter & Edna Mae Scott Potter
Aunt Cynthia Hill & Uncle Larry Hill
Daisy Mae Jones Potter
Married to Coleman Potter
Coleman Potter
Cleveland Potter & Creola Potter
Alvin Franklin Potter
Twin of Alma Francis Potter
Mary de rufugio
Krlos Carreon Nevarez, Maria Carreon Nevarez, Justin Carreon
Fernando Ponce
No Pic
Alzheimers/ Fought In Korean War
Still Alive
Still Living
Robeto Nevarez
Had Type 2 Diabetes
Type 2 diabetes
Yolanda Nevarez
Type 2 Diabetes
High blood pressure
High blood pressure
Chris Brown
Explosive Behavior
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