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Happy Holidays!

No description

Ian Yau

on 25 December 2012

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Transcript of Happy Holidays!

Treated royally by master chef Joan and privileged to enjoy her company Happy Holidays! With much love
and wishes of peace Although the job hunt
has been rough, Portland
has treated me well. One of our best family
photo shoots ever in Newport
thanks to Kai Then to Prosser, Washington
to work crush at DavenLore Winery Warmest greetings to you from Ian
on this, hopefully another Merry Christmas! This time last year, I was on the other side of the world... ...catching up with Chad and Jessy and meeting darling baby Lydian in Thailand... ...and ringing in the Lunar New Year in Taiwan for the first time. ...delighting in the company of elephants... ...getting dirty in the jungle... I feasted endlessly with with family... ...and friends... ...and kicked it with the badass Huang Bo Xuen. Finally made it to the Lone Star State to see Jean in good hands with Austin and friends. A stop by the International Space Station command center It was crayfish season! Camping, dancing and swimming at Garner State Park And a Rockets game with a hilarious performance by Clutch the Bear Back to a new home in Portland A good group to play Frisbee with Loving auto-less living I had a blast and learned a ton from master winemaker Gordon. And helped turn some 25 tons of grapes into wine Where Person is well, will be ten in July and we were bonded a little more this year Was treated royally by master chef Joan and privileged to enjoy her company
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