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The Calibration Procedure for Philips M3015A EtCO2 Module

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Jonathan Bryson

on 16 October 2014

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Transcript of The Calibration Procedure for Philips M3015A EtCO2 Module

Created by Jonathan Bryson
Information from Philips Medical Corporation
The Calibration Procedure for Philips M3015A EtCO2 Module
CO2 gas with a 5% concentration
CO2 gas with a 10% concentration
Two gas regulators
Two Philips Monitoring EtCO2 tubing sets.

Step 1 – Verification

Step 2 – Calibration
Trouble shooting
Items you will need for the calibration process:

Enter Service mode.
Using the 5% cal. Gas, open the valve of the regulator.
Wait for the noise factor to be below 3.
Take the ambient pressure number and multiply it by 5%. (correlating to the percentage of cal. Gas)
Take the final CO2 reading with a noise value less than 3. If this answer is ±2.5 mmHg of the product of the ambient pressure times 5% then the set is calibrated.
The same can be done with the 10% cal. Gas. Take the ambient pressure and multiply it by 10%. The only difference is that you have a ±5 mmHg for your tolerance range of the final CO2 reading.
Verify calibration- If it fails then proceed with the calibration process.

Enter into service mode on the patient monitor and select Setup CO2.
Connect the CO2 (5%) gas with the calibration line to the microstream CO2 port. This will activate the pump.
Select Cal. CO2 and then select 5.0%. This correlates with the percentage of calibration gas.
Open up the regulator valve to allow gas to flow. Wait until the Noise level goes below 3 and the CO2 levels out.
Continue leaving the valve open and select the confirm button on the bottom of the screen.
Close regulator valve as soon as the message says remove gas.
The monitor will display a message at the bottom left corner that says calibration complete. Insure that it states the correct date.
Select the EtCO2 category to find out what the ambient pressure (Barometer pressure). Note- This step is very important since each patient monitor’s value varies. This number will help you find out the acceptable range of mmHg.

If you do not hear the motor pump on the module turn shortly after you insert the microstream adapter, stop and remove the module. You can either order a pump repair kit (M3015-29303) for $570 or send it off for exchange.
If the module will not calibrate after you have stepped through the calibration process then you should verify that the firmware revision is current. If it is not you can update it by using the support tool.
Keep in mind that sending off the module for repair will cost $2,923.
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