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See The World Through Pinch Pots

No description

Kirsten Beard

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of See The World Through Pinch Pots

Pinch Pots Pottery: ceramic ware, especially earthenware and stone ware.

Pinching: Requires properly conditioned clay and your fingers. Small sculpture pieces can be pinched from one large mass of clay or built up from many units. Expressive forms can be made with this simple hand building method.

Clay: is the most common but unique material that makes ceramics possible.

Air Dry Clay: is a versatile product that can be used in many craft projects.

Hieroglyphics: pictorial symbols are used to represent meaning or sound or a combination of meaning and a sound. Vocabulary Pottery and its Cultures Asia
Central America
North America
Egypt Egyptians and Pottery Egyptians were among the first to being making pottery. Beginning about 4,000 B.C.

They began making pots to store things in such has wheat and barley.

Even before the construction of prymaids began they were making pottery.

They used pottery like we use plastic ware today. History Cont. The earliest egyptian pottery has geometric designs on it.

Basic pottery was made using the Nile. They used the mud that also had a mixture of straw. Early pottery was made by pinching and coiling. Hieroglyphics were a way for the egyptians to communicate and express meaning on their pottery. What is a Pinch Pot? A pinch pot is a type of hand formed pot. They have been produced for centuries and among the easiest type of pottery to create. How To Make A Pinch Pot! 1. Begin the 1lb of clay and form it into a compact ball.
2. Push your thumb in the center and then begin to pinch the walls.
3. Turn the piece as you pinch. This will help to keep an even thickness in the walls of the piece.
4.When forming the bottom you want to press on a flat surface.
5. Now Paint and Decorate!! A Little History of Pinch Pots Archeologist suspect that pinch pots are one of the oldest forms of pottery.
The pinching method was the main way clay was formed by man before the potter wheel came about.
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