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No description

Melanie Clemen

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Biography

Born November 12, 1984 Omari Ismael
Grandberry American R&B singer, actor Songwriter, record producer, dancer Former lead singer of the boy band, B2K Third Album ollusion January 10, 2010 Released Lead single "I Get It In MTV newest judge America's Best Dance Crew OMARION Los Angeles, Cali Education Never went to college Filmography
2004 You Got Served David lead role
2004 Fat Albert Reggie main role
2007 Feel the Noise Rob lead role
2007 Somebody Help Me Darryl Jennings lead role
2010 Wrong Side of Town Stash cast
Music Awards 2005, Favorite R&B Male Artist BET Awards 2005, Viewer's Choice Award 2005, Best New Artist Image Awards 2008, Outstanding Duo or Group w/ Bow Wow 2006, Outstanding New Artist Grammy Awards 2006, Best Contemporary R&B Album MTV Movie Awards 2004, Best Male Breakthrough Performance 2004, Best Dance Sequence "You Got Served" Albums 2002: B2K 2002: Pandemonium 2005: O
2007: 21
2007: Face Off (with Bow Wow) 2010: Ollusion
Collaboration Albums
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