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The Advantages of using digital media over more traditional

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Olivia Galvin

on 17 May 2014

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Transcript of The Advantages of using digital media over more traditional

The Advantages of using digital media over more traditional medias.
Digital media has the power to genuinely engage the consumer, it opens up the possibility to connect with them on a more personal and interactive level. This on a simplistic level can simply get a brand more noticed.
Rather then an ad being passive, digital media offers the possibility of an interactive advertisement. Rather then just see an advert for a car, consumers can now digitally test drive it. It is more than just a new platform it transgress individuals private and public spheres; giving marketers more scope for successful advertisement. This higher level of active interaction can even bring a consumer in to the marketing process. For example playing a brands game or liking their status on Facebook subconsciously endorse the brand to the consumers Facebook friends. Ads therefore can have a wider knock on effect than the traditional 'water cooler' chat. EDIT
Digital media offers an experience. Interaction may provide a stronger connection between consumer and brand but it also allows for an experience to take place. Brands can now become personified, mirroring genuine human interaction company's can become more like people on social media. EDIT
The ultimate relationship
Digital media has an advantage over traditional media as it allows an ongoing relationship to develop with a consumer. Digital media it transportable, people tend to check their facebook, twitter, instagram ect when having a 'break'. By becoming part of their every day lives by appearing on their newsfeed or providing an entertaining video on their commute a relationship is formed. Advertising can be in real time referencing a national event on Facebook or even a post about a spot of glorious weather can make brands and advertising more dynamic. A relationship of positive, genuine interaction builds commitment and loyalty. Making marketing far more powerful.
Can selling the dream become living in it?
If the cliches true and a successful marketing campaign sells a lifestyle and a dream then digital media can actually make living within the dream a relaity. Strong marketing on a range of platforms can create an immersive, engaging world with several layers for consumers to dip in to. I can virtually experiences a new car on a tablet application whilst seeing the traditional tv ad.

enriches traditional - tv now buying on tablet at the same time.
Digital media- The basics
What is it
The label digital media covers such a broad scope of publishing. It is any media which can be found on an online format. The world of the Web broadens the opportunity for communication and with it brings a long list of advantages for digital media in marketing.
Traditional media
Traditional media can be defined as outside the realm of the internet. Print and broadcasting media is the traditional way of communicating a product. Many traditional methods are still effective and do hold a place in society; though this is a place that is ever shrinking. Even if not directly challenged by D.M, T.M is affected by the wider context of D.M and must articulate itself within this context.
Content of ads can be made more personal. Going beyond just a name, consumers' age, likes, interests and habits can all be used to deliver a more personal interaction. Again this deepens the level of contact with the consumer and can be harnessed to form a genuine connection between brand and individual. Digital media also allows agencies to track what their top consumers are saying about the brand. EDIT
Digital media platforms allow brands and adverts to become useful. By having a brand provide an app that is genuinely useful to a consumer a brand can become a regular part of their day. A useful app can provides a positive experience of a brand on a regular basis. This strengthens brand loyalty and embeds a brand in a persons life, the advert becomes integrated rather than an interruption. EDIT
By having a personal and/or useful interaction with a brand they become likeable. A retweet on twitter, a reply on Facebook, an engaging video on youtube and a app in your back pocket can create a likeable brand. Rather then feeling bombarded or even just blanking a brand, adverts can become integrated in to lives and become more than just an ad. Equally digital marketing can help solve some issues within a company; improving customer service. This adds to a brand and consumer relationship. A great example is delayed planes, customers tweet in to American Airlines who can give personalised apologies or even provide a better on ground service because HQ is aware if the issue. EDIT
A Caution
One thing to bear in mind with digital media is that it can't be seen as a gimmick or a fake filler. A blog that pumps out product information without having genuine useful and interesting content losses all effect. A poorly put together Facebook page or twitter account used simply because a brand 'should' have one, is limited in impact. Consumers can be on digital media every day, their are as familiar, if not more so, with facebook ect as the marketers. Therefore weak campaigns just won't get attention. When genuine relationships and communication is being developed by other brands a weak digital media campaign can really stand out!
Going viral
Online marketing allows the opportunity for ads to go viral. A strong promotion may be so good that it is shared countless times and builds a buzz. The great strength of going viral is that a company's product, brand and values may be seen by hundreds of people who wouldn't normally be exposed to their ad. A great example is The Guardian's Three Little Pigs Ad.
Branded world
A great strength of digital media is allows a branded world to develop. Advertising narratives can unfold over a range of platforms. I can see the add in traditional media and experiences more in digital. Different elements of the ad can be communicated on different platforms, if its interesting enough a consumer may actively go to facebook, youtube ect to see more. This is also more likely to be shared with friends giving the content further reach. For example a make-up ad in Vogue may contain reference to a tutorial on youtube, a competition on facebook and an interview with an upcoming model on a blog.
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