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The Central Evaluation Unit

No description

Mariana Furnari

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of The Central Evaluation Unit

The Central Evaluation Unit
Process Design
2. Summarize the problems of the CEUPU
Too much
Lack of information and feedback
to the applicant
in giving a final answer
Decision-making was
given the relatively small amounts of money being applied for
Too many files
to process for the receipt employees
Work was clear and routine:
employees not knowing how to react
Risk of alienating the best potential applicants
Decline of 5%
in number of applications received
½ of applications are
sent back
in order to collect missed information

CEU’s applications processing unit
Evaluates applications from Academics bidding for research grants
Fund the eary stages of cooperative research between universities in the EU
Relatively small grants of less than €100.000
Objective: give a fast response to applicants

Applications are sent to CEU’s applications processing unit (CEUPU) by University Liaison Officers
3. What suggestions would you make to improve the process?
Digitize and computerize the process
Unify parts of the process (simplification)
Receive the applications directly form the academic (not through ULOs)
Being more clear about the information/documents needed from the beginning
Opening a feedback channel between employees and academics (call center, online service)
Installing a unique code tracker in every application so the applicant is able to consult the status online

1. Analyse and evaluate the processing of new applications at the CEUPU:
1.1. Create a Process Map for new applications:

Work force:
3 checkers/verificators
12 clerks
10 auditors
1 Special Advisor

Application entry
Careful examination by checker
In-tray pending Collection
Unique identifier for
every application
Information System
Tray: Senior's secretary's desk
the senior's secretary provides the next job to an available checker
Final inspection of Applications by the Auditor
Decision: Accept or reject?
Clerks complete the documents and send them to the universities
1. Analyse and evaluate the processing of new applications at the CEUPU:
1.2. Calculate the time needed to process an indivudual application cycle time for the process

Cycle time?
Average time between units of output emerging from the process

Little‘s Law:
Throughput time
Cycle time
Throughput time
= total time of one application in the system (from entering in the CEUPU to being accepted or rejected)
= number of applications in the queue (or processing applications in the system)
Cycle time
= time between applications emerging from the process

1. Analyse and evaluate the processing of new applications at the CEUPU:
1.3. Calculate the number of people involved in the processing of the application

Receipt Clerks
Clerks with responsibility for coding

Senior's Secretary
N. of people
Work Content
Cycle time
Work content
: total amount of work required to produce 1 unit of output
1. Analyse and evaluate the processing of new applications at the CEUPU:
1.4. Explain why it is difficult to locate an individual file

All arriving applications are placed in
ONE/THE SAME in-tray

procedure with too many activities within
Every application has only
one identifier
in the top left corner
The information inside each application is coded into the
information system
only once during all the process
The information system is
not updated
with the current status of the application
All the process is



Mariana Furnari
*The Unit operates 5 days/35 hours per week = 7 hours per day
*Turnaround of 1 application (from receipt of the application to the applicant being informed): 36 days

Throughput time
: 36 days x 7hours/day= 252 hours
: 600 applications (in receipt tray)+ 220 (in checkers' tray) + [130x3] (code tray, secretary's tray and auditor's tray) =1210 applications

Little‘s Law: 252 hours= 1210 applications x Cycle time
Cycle time
= 252 hours/1210applications = 0.208 hours/12 min and 29 seconds
*Work content: 7 hours/day for every employee
*Cycle time= 0.208 hours
N. of people

= 33.6 people = 34 people
Dispatch clerks
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