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The Mi'kmaq

No description

dawsyn babb-monfette

on 21 October 2014

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Transcript of The Mi'kmaq

Where they originated
The Mi'Kmaq originated in Newfoundland and worked there way from there to New Brunswick to Price Edward Island so on and so forth.
There Beliefs
Mi’kmaq people believe that whatever a person gives to others will be returned. This includes kindness and respect. It is better to help a person who is going through a bad experience than to stand back and criticize or judge.They also respected animals yes they killed them but they made sure that the animals resources went to good use and they never wasted anything from the animal.

how they lived
The Mi'Kmaq lived in sorta a tepee looking thing but they where called wigwams they had the same idea as a tepee but yet it was still different.In the Mi'Kmaq the men was like the council they decided everything and the women weaved maskets an
The Mi'kmaq
By:Dawsyn babb-monfette
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