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Norway Prezi

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Camilla Hanson

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of Norway Prezi

Norway Project
Camilla, Kyla, Bayli, and April People and Society Ethnic Groups: 94.4%
Languages: Bokmal and Nynorsk Norwegian
Religion: Chruch of Norway (Euangelical)
Population: 4,707,270
Capital: Oslo
3 largest cities: Bergen, Tironcheim, Stavanger
Life expectancy: 81 years
Education expectancy: 25,645,460,000
Compared to the rest of the world: #17
literacy rate: 15 years + 100% male and females Geography: Absolute Location: 6200N 1000E
Relative Location: Borders Russia Finland and Sweden are to the east by the Atlantic Ocean
Physical Landforms: many ranges of mountain. has rugged land of elevated plateaus, deep forested valleys, and some remains of ice age glaciers
Natural Resources: Petroleum,Natural gas, Iron Ore, Copper, Lead, Zinc Titanium, Pyrites, Nickel,Fish,Timber,and hydro power
Current Environmental Issues: Water Pollution, Acid rain damaging forests and affecting lakes Economy Type of economy: mixed
GDP per Capita: compared to the rest of the world: #8
GDP composition by sector: Ag: 2.9% Ind: 39.5% Services: 57.8%
Labor force by occupation: Ag: 2.8% Ind: 21.1% Services: 76%
Agriculture products: barley, wheat, potatoes, pork, beef, veal, milk, fish
Export commodities: petroleum, machine, equipment, metals, chemicals, ships, fish
Import commodities: machinery, equipment, chemicals, metals, food stuff
Tourism attractions: dog sledding, reindeer sledging, ice skating,
Cultural landmarks: opera in odo, fish market Bergen, North Cape
Transportation: train, bus, tramway, ferry, boat, airplane, cars, bike Government: Type of Government: Constitutional Monarchy
Norway gained its independence on September 1905
The head of the State is the Monarch
Elections occur every 4 years
They serve for 4 years
The Parliament makes the laws
The two types of Political Pressure Groups and the Liberal Venstre and the Conservative Hoyre
European Union: An economics partnership of european countries, not part of the EU Military ~Branches of military -The Norwegian Army, Royal Norwegian Navy, Royal Norwegian Air force, Home Guard
~Military service age & obligation - Age: 18-44 years old for male compulsory military service, 16 years old for 6 months of service,17 for male volunteers and 18 for women. There is a 12 month service obligation. Bibliography https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/no.html
Norway in Pictures by Eric Braun
http://www.Youtube.com Conclusion The most interesting thing about Norway is that it has a beautiful and forgotten landscape. Something new we learned is that Norway has many agricultural products despite the landscape being mainly mountains. The United States and Norway have a similar mixed economy. We would like to visit Norway someday because of its beautiful landscape and distinct culture. "Velkommen til Norge"
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