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Jonah Arocha and Maddox Mulkowsky

No description

lib hist

on 5 September 2018

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Transcript of Jonah Arocha and Maddox Mulkowsky

Davis was born in Dayton, Ohio
he was a Sargent rank 1
Davis was a member of the U.S. Military
Davis fought in the Vietnam war
in 1994 Davis was awarded the congressional medal of honor
Bill Clinton awarded the medal to Davis
Davis grew up in Dayton, Ohio
Sammy Davis entered the military in Indianapolis
Davis served a total of 19 years in the military
Charles Kettle
Charles Kettle was born in Ypsilanti, Michigan
Kettle was a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. military
Kettle flew an assault helicopter
Kettle fought in the Korean War, the Japanese War, the Thailand War, the French War, and the Vietnam War
Kettle was given the medal in 2016
President Barack Obama gave Kettle the award
Kettle grew up in Ypsilanti, Michigan
Kettle was drafted into the military from Camp Breckenridge, Kentucky
Kettle served for 37 years before retiring from the U.S. Army


[The year was 1967 and charles kettle and sammy lee davis were about to become the greatest hero’s the world has ever seen.] 
Charles:[landing the helicopter] 
Sammy:oh thank god[runs tword helicopter] 
Sammy:hey help me get these people to safety 
Charles:alright il help you load them into the helicopter and ill fly them out of here 
Sammy:that’s fine as long as you get the wounded out of here and get them to safety 
Charles:[loads last body]ok is that the last of them 
Sammy: yeah now get out of here before they come 
Charles: no not without you now hurry and get in 
Sammy: no there might be more injured people  
Charles:well then ill help you get those injurd people out of here if you get in the helicopter 
Sammy: [sighs and gets in helicopter] 
Charles:alright now lets get out of here for now 
[chales flys to the nearest camp to help the injurd but little did they know that there was a little surprise waiting for them at the camp for when they arrived] 
Explosions as they land 
Sammy:what is going on here 
Sammy:alright get up in the air and provide support I'll stay on the ground and help the wounded 
[on that day sammy lee davis and charles kettle saved nore than 150 soldiers and both rewarded  
One of the gratest honners in all of america] 
Jonah Arocha and Maddox Mulkowsky
Sammy Lee Davis
Common Traits
Both of these soldiers fought in the Vietnam war
Both soldiers served in the U.S. military
Both soldiers risked their lives for fellow soldiers
Both soldiers put their lives in danger from enemies such as gun fire and mortars
Both of these soldiers survived to recieve their medal
Charles Kettle
Charles Kettle demonstrated Courage. Kettle flew his chopper into the war zone multiple time to save members of his battalion.
Sammy Lee Davis
Sammy Lee Davis demonstrated sacrifice. He did this by putting his life in harms way so he could save his fellow soldiers.
Different Traits
Charles Kettle fought in multiple wars while Davis didn't
Kettle flew a chopper while Davis didn't
Davis was awarded his medal in 1994 while Kettle received his in 2016
Kettle's medal was awarded to him by a different president than Davis
Davis served for 19 years while Kettle served for 37 years
Sources: CMOH.org
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