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Evaluation Question 5

No description

Usman Shabaz

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Evaluation Question 5

Evaluation Question 5 - How did you attract/address your audience? This is a long shot, we wanted to show the background of the big lonesome house to create a dark and curiuos effect on the audience. This would attract the audience's attention through curiosity This is a close up shot of the antagonist's shoes coming out of the car. This attracts the audience as the slow moving shot turns in to a continous shot leaving the audience to believe that this was done with more then one camera, as well as giving the professional look. This is a dolly shot. This attracts the audience by making them feel as if there a part of the movie seeing out through the eye's of the antagonist. This is a medium close up. In this scene where the antagonist gets changed, we used the mirror to show the 180 degree rule. This use of the mirror would attract the audeince showing them a variety of shots and how they are presented. This is a extreme close up. We used this for the continous scene, this scene attracts the audience as once again it looks like the that the audience have become the antagonist as its a first person view. This is our production logo. Production logo's can also attract an audience as this seperates the independent and major production companies. Also if at the start of and film you see a big name like Paramount Pictures or even 20th Centuary Fox your expectations are raised automatically, as you know in the past these production companies have realeased award winning films. This is a match on action shot. This would attract the audience as the antagonist is about to meet the protagonist so this causes suspense aswell as tension which is found a lot in thriller films, making the audience sit on the edge of thier seats.
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