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IB History Cold War Unit

Overall description of how IB looks at organizing the Cold War

Kaitie Lyford

on 19 May 2010

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Transcript of IB History Cold War Unit

Cold War Unit Major Themes:
-ideological differences
-mutual suspicion and fear
-from wartime alliance (Soviets and US fighting together in WW2) to post war enemies
--How did this happen (origins of Cold War)

Nature of the Cold War:
-ideological opposition
-super power’s fear of influence
--spheres of influence
-alliances and diplomacy
--secret meetings
--treaties between countries
--United Nations
--notion of the Arms Race*

Development and Impact (IB):
-global spread from Europe....
-dev. of diff. foreign policy in US perspective
--containment (Korean War, Vietnam)..domino effect
--brinkmanship (moving away from containment); upping threats to the brink of world destruction...pushing just enough
-peaceful?, detente

End of Cold War:
-breakup of the Soviet Union...How and Why?
--Price of Oil
-internal problems of Soviet Union
-bankrupt economy and couldn’t support themselves in Cold War
-helping to brink Cold War to end (Reagan)
-from 1989-1982= breakdown of Soviet control of Eastern Europe

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