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Lord Of The Flies Introduction

No description

Dana Linde

on 6 December 2018

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Transcript of Lord Of The Flies Introduction

William Golding
Lord Of The Flies
Heavy set, has asthma, also has low self-esteem, but he knows he has good ideas. He wears glasses. He symbolizes social order and using one's intelligence rather than reacting according to one's impulses.
Twelve years old, leader of the choir boys, red hair (what trait do we normally assign to people with red hair?) and freckles. He has a knife and is used to being in charge. Despite being closer to the savage side of human nature than many of the other boys, Jack cannot bring himself to kill initially. Once he does, however, it will be like a dam unleashed. He is the antagonist who symbolizes dictatorial rule and savagery.
Twelve years old, built like a boxer, innocent-looking, elected leader over Jack. He is the protagonist who symbolizes democracy and order. He finds the conch which brings the boys together.
Member of the choir, faints frequently, he is one of the first boys to explore the island, he is the 'buffer' between Ralph and Jack. Symbolizes pure goodness and serves as a Christ-figure.
During WWII, while leaving Britain for safety, the plane filled with twenty-four boys crashes on an island.
This setting is important for two reasons: Because it's set during the war, finding the boys is not the top priority. Second, the island, being removed from the rest of society, accelerates the boys' descent into savagery. The "gloss" of civilization is not present to keep them from giving into the darker side of their natures.
Member of the choir. He is "slight and furtive". He is also very sneaky. However, he is the one who calls for a vote. He has a "shock of dark hair". Roger will eventually manifest himself as the sadist who exists in society. He likes to see others in pain.
Sam and Eric-
The conch shell represents order, authority and power to the group of boys; whoever is holding the shell is respected and his ideas are to be listened to and taken into consideration.
They are identical twins who look "chubby and vital". Despite being two distinct individuals, they will eventually act as one. They are even called, "SamnEric" as though one entity.
Conch Shell
Member of the choir. He is next in size to Ralph. He has a "broad grin:. He knows about green wood and learns to be comfortable on the island.
<-- Point of View -->
The "Scar"

This novel is 3rd person omniscient. The narrative alternates between the different people on the island and what they are doing. This is important because the reader is able to see how the characters are undergoing changes not only in their behavior but in their way of thinking.
1. Need for Civilization-
This book shows that people need rules and laws to keep the dark side of human nature in line. When these guidelines and authority figures are not present, people will begin to give in to their darker impulses.
2. Loss of Innocence-
When laws and consequences are present to regulate our behavior, we remain civilized. Without these, the boys will come face-to-face with the evil which exists in each of us. The boys can no longer be considered innocent.
The "scar" represents how with man's entry comes destruction. A scar is a flaw that indicates a prior harmful event.
The dark side of human nature and the evil residing in everyone. It foreshadows "war" to come on the island and that no man can escape his dark side. It threatens to overule us at all times. That is the thing we fear.
William Golding
William Golding's Life:
William Golding
was born in
Golding attended Malborough
grammar school then onto
Brasenose College,
where he studied literature.
He married his wife,
Ann Brookfield.
They move to Salisbury
with their children.
Golding died of heart failure.
Golding wrote twelve novels.
He also wrote plays,
many essays and reviews,
several short stories,
some poems,
and a travel book about Egypt.
The plane is attacked and crashes on an island. Piggy and Ralph find the conch shell on the beach. They use it to call everybody together. Ralph is made leader and Jack is made the leader of the hunting group.
Golding wins Nobel Prize
for Literature.
The boys attempt to make a signal fire, but it blazes out of control. One of the boys is lost. After this, order is slowly lost and chaos slowly begins to take its place.
Order is completely lost, and the conch- the symbol of order and authority, is crushed. Jack takes control of the group and Piggy is killed.
The main idea of The Lord of The Flies is man's struggle to avoid descending into savagery once the "gloss" or rules of civilization have been removed. We are taught to live by rules, follow commands, and value the goodness of others; this is a struggle as our darker side would prefer to live in an environment where we can satisfy our immediate desires, act cruelly towards others, and acquire power regardless of who might be hurt along the way. These issues may be expressed in many ways: civilization vs. savagery, order vs. chaos, or mainly, the broader heading of good vs. evil. Throughout the novel, the idea of civilization with good and the instinct of savagery with evil is expressed in The Lord of The Flies on an island which will serve as a microcosm for the real world.
Jack takes over and attempts to hunt down Ralph. He hopes to smoke him out by setting fire to the island. The evil in the boys reaches a pinnacle.
The jungle is consumed by fire and a naval ship spots the smoke. An officer comes to shore just as Ralph is cornered by the other boys. All are rescued and taken back to society.
Inspiration for the book-
William Golding was inspired to write the book when he entered the Royal navy in England. He saw the horrors of the war and believed it was based on the the evil in people.
Lord of the Flies was made into a movie in 1963 and then again in 1990. Here is the trailer for the '63 film.
Thanks for watching! :)
Any questions?
Presented by:
Jayne Strigle, Sarah Marmon, and Mia Poste.
if you couldnt tell.
The Island:
The island represents the world, but on a smaller scale. It is also a reminder of the original Garden of Eden. While thought to be a paradise, evil was lurking.
3. Civilization vs. Savagery-
There are two competing impulses that exist within all human beings. One is the instinct to live by rules, act peacefully, follow moral commands, and value the good of the group against the instinct to gratify one’s immediate desires, act violently to obtain supremacy over others, and enforce one’s will. The boys change from being civilized to savages by the end of the novel. Their desire to exert their will on others will prevail. Jack and Ralph will represent the struggle between civilized behavior and brutality of the savage beast.
Piggy's glasses represent his intelligence and hold the sense of safety, without the glasses the boys also wouldn't be able to start fires for light, warmth, and way to cook food.
Piggy's Glasses
"And there was that other kid that had that mark on his face" "who has seen him since we first arrived?"
"Fancy thinking the beast was something that you could hunt and kill!"
Piggy's Glasses
Important Quotes-
"Then, amid the roar of bees in the afternoon sunlight, Simon found for the fruit they could not reach... passed them back down to the endless, outstretched hands."

"'Maybe there is a beast....maybe it's only us."

"The world, that understandable and lawful world, was slipping away."
Piggy's glasses represent intelligence and the sense of safety for Piggy. The glasses also serve as a survival tool for the boys, allowing them to start fires for warmth and light. They are a constant reminder of the products of the civilized world.
The Beast
It symbolizes the devil
"We are going to have fun on this island..."
"So don't try it or else"
Enjoy the novel!
There is a group on the island that will come to be known as the littluns. They are the youngest members of the group who represent the unthinking masses who blindly follow whoever is in charge or who can tend to their immediate needs without thinking.
the Littluns
a pig's head on a stick; a gift for the beastie
Could you survive in this scenario?
Golding said in an interview, "WWII, which I spent in the Royal Navy, had a decisive influence on my life and work. Then I was a young man. Now I am a very naive old man. It has taken me a long time to gain some slight understanding of mankind. During the war I was terrified at what people were capable of doing."
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