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Laura Secord

YEA GUYS I SIMRAN ACTUALLY DID SOMETHING *COUGH COUGH* I FIXED THE TEMPLATES AND ADDED SOME OF THE PICTURES and changed the background to Laura's house so be proud of me !!!!!!! <3

harpreet chokar

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Laura Secord

Difficulties Laura came across How did she effect
Canadian history ? Laura Secords bravery has had a great impact on Canadian history because she has done what most people back then wouldnt have. By telling Fitzgibbon about the surprise attack, it allowed the British to win the battle of Beaver Dams. If she hadn't, the outcome of the War of 1812 would have been different. Also, if the Americans attacked many soldiers would have died. She is considered a heroin because she told valuable information that changed history. Laura Secord Later Life During the War of 1812 Conclusion Contributions Achievements Early Years The End Laura Secord changed the name of history. She overheard plans that the Americans were going to attack the British soldiers so they could have control of the Niagara. Laura Secord faced challenges because when she was going to save the British she could not go on the main roads because she was afraid the Americans would kill her. Then she walked 30km in daytime to tell the British. She changed the world because if it were not for Laura, more then one-hundred soldiers would have been killed. She made the world a better place by saving other's lives. Fun Facts Laura Secord was an amazing contributor to history. She walked 30 km in 20 hours on rough landscape. The roads that she walked on were rough, bumpy, cracked, and poorly constructed. In the official records of the time, the community ignored her contribution. Without her contribution more then one hundred soldiers would have been killed. And the British would be speaking french. The story of Laura Secord is considered one of the most famous in Canadian history. This presentation on her life will tell you exactly why. We will answer all there is to know about her and much more such as how she affected Canadian history, achievements, and her contributions. Laura Secord has done many things that affected the war of 1812 and you will find out exactly why. So we hope you enjoy!!! Introduction As you can see Laura Secord was a very significant person in Canadian history . She had great achievements that made a big and great impact on the war of 1812. Without her help the British wouldn't have known about the surprise attack the Americans had planned. Without Laura Secord and her hard work , the Americans could have won the war of 1812. During the War of 1812, Laura Secord and her husband James Secord were forced to take care of the Americans. Since she supported the British she overheard the Americans plans to attack. They wanted to pass the information onto General Fitzgibbon but James couldn't go because he was injured in the Battle of Queenston heights. So Laura walked 32 km through American territory just to warn the British.She told them her story and then the British decided to surprise attack the Americans leading to the Battle of Beaver Dams. Laura Ingersall was born in Massachusetts in 1775. She had 3 sisters named Elizabeth Franks, Mira, and Abigail who was given for adoption in 1784. Her mother died when she was young and she had 2 stepmothers. Her father supported the patriots in the American revolution but in 1759 the entire family moved to the Niagara region in Upper Canada. In 1797, she married James Secord and the couple set up a home in Queenston. The secords developed a plan to see if they could get information from the invaders. One evening James and Laura secretly listened to the americans conversation. Also the secords discovered that the americans were planning a sudden attack on the british army at beaver dams, about 2o kilometers. James and Laura realized that they should get this information to Lieutenant James Fitzigibbon. Laura would walk to beaver dams to tell Fitzigibbon what they had discovered. - there is a ice cream shop named after laura secord -laura secord walked 32 kilometers from queenston to beaver dams - James was wounded at the battle of queenston heights but then laura secord came and rescued him -Laura wasn't given credit for the attack until much later As you can see, Laura Secord was a great person during the war, but did you ever wonder what happened to her after the war? After the war of 1812, Laura ran a school for children in her cottage for a while. She was 85 when she received wide public recognition for her heroic deed during the war. Laura Secord died in 1868 at the age of 93, and was buried beside her husband in Dummand Hills cemetary in Niagara Falls.
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