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Koast to Koast

No description

Denise Comeau

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Koast to Koast

Ecotourism Business Plan Koast to Koast Adventures Mission Statement Koast to Koast Adventures is here to bring a new level
of adventure to our participants as they embark on
adventurous trips across the country. Learning about
themselves and creating new friendships along the way,
lets show them a new way to enjoy recreation by teaching
them new skills and abilities. Target Market Adults with disabilities
Mentally and physically challenged Mentally challenge: suffer from a number of impairements
in interpersonal relations, responsiveness and motor and
speech skills. Physically challenged: someone who has a limitation,
orthopedically impaired, cerebral palsy, blind, deaf,
muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, and cardiac
malfunction What we offer: A great way to meet new people
in an expanded environment while
having fun and gaining new skills
and abilities. 12 guided tours leaving from Calgary
1 out of country trip
no more than six participants per trip
1:3 guide/participant ratio January/February: Quebec Winter Carnival
March: NWT Aurora Viewing
April: Cuba or Dominican Republic
May: B.C., Van Aquarium, Monkido Aerial Course
June: Sask., Lake Deifenbaker, Eco-Party Tours and Adventures
July: Alberta, Hiking and rafting in the Rockies
August: NFLD/NB, Iceburgs and whales, kayaking, camping and beachers
September: Ontario, Niagara Falls and Hot Air Ballooning
October: NS/PEI, Cabot Trail, Louisburg, Anne of Green Gables
November: Manitoba, Polar Bear Viewing
December: Yukon, Yukon and Arctic Tours Trip Prices: 1250-2000$ per trip
Prices include airfare to and from Calgary
all meals while on trip
all major activities
(spending cash for participants is not included, they may
choose to bring their own fro additional expenses.)

Transportation/Accomodation/Attractions Flights to and from Calgary
Rental van at our destination Accommodation depends on the trip
(Camping (tents, Tepees), lodges, hotels,cabins, etc.) Attractions are various across Canada from Province to Province
(polar bears, niagara falls, hot air ballooning, hiking, dog sledding, etc.) Three benefits: #1 Eleven out of twelve adventures are within Canada

#2 Small groups - Great way to explore

#3 Improved coordination and fitness Advertising and promotions... Internet
Radio Two for the price of one
Half price
Last minute deals In business with my partner Taylor, she has
a travel agency. She is doing great with
business and is going to lend me the start
up costs funds. In return we will promote
each others business and share customers.
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