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Russia ABC Book

No description

Lauren B

on 26 April 2011

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Transcript of Russia ABC Book

The ABC's of Russia
...Lauren Brokish... A is for... Agriculture Grains are amung Russia's most important crops. Over 50% of the croplands in Russia are used for growing grains. Most of the grains produced are wheat. The annual output of wheat is about 40 million tons. The next most produced crop is barley. The annual output of barley is about 16 million tons. There are many other crops harvested in Russia, but none of them have an annual total that even comes close to the grains. M is for... Moscow Moscow is the capital of Russia. Its population is 10.4 million. It is the most populated city in Russia. Moscow is basically the center of everything. C is for... Cyrillic Alphabet This is the Russian alphabet. It has a total of 33 "letters." S is for... Siberia Siberia is a large region of Russia. Although it is part of Russia, it is not one of the 15 "states" of Russia. J is for... joseph Stalin Joseph Stalin became leader of the Soviet Union after Lenin resumed from active politics. While in reign, he killed about 20 million citizens. V is for... Vladivostok Vladimir Lenin ruled over the Soviet Union before Stalin. He was the one that made Russia a communist country. Lenin was like our George Washington. The father of their country. T is for... Trans-siberian Express L is for.. Vladimir lenin The Trans-Siberian Express is a railway that goes east to west and west to east. It travels on a 6,000 mile trip starting at Moscow and ending in Vladivostok. Vladivostok means "ruler of the east." It is the chief Russian port on the Pacific. This is also the ending- or beginning- place to the Trans-Siberian Express.
B is for... Lake baikal Lake Baikal is the largest fresh water lake in the world. Not only is it the largest, it is also the oldest at 30 billion years. It holds approximatley 20% of the world's water. P is for... Permafrost Permafrost is a thick layer of frost underneath a layer of soil. Houses are built on stilts so the when the frost melts, the house doesn't collapse. Permafrost occurs in Siberia and regions around that. D is for... Population Density The population density in Russia is very small. The population density is about 22 people per square mile. The U.S. has aproximately 32 people per square mile. E is for... Education In Russia, Elementary School has 4 grades, Middle School has 5, and High School has 2. F is for.... Fur trade Fur Trade was a way for exlporation in the early Soviet Union. People used fur trade as a way to explore untouched parts of Russia. G is for... Gulags Gulags were used in the time of Stalin. They are Russian prison camps for political prisoners. H is for... Horses Horses are used for many things in Russia. One of them being transportation. I is for... Imports Imports are an important part of Russian culture. Ever since the drought last summer, Russia has had to import most of their food to keep its people fed. Other things they import include, technology, knowledge, and consumer goods. N is for... New year's Eve Russians don't celebrate Christmas, instead, they celebrate New Year's Eve. All of the kids get gifts and they have a guy dressed like Santa, except his name isn't father Christmas, it's Father Frost. The kids sing songs to make Father Frost happy, and they have a New Year's tree. O is for... Oil Russia produces about 9.67 million barrels of oil a day. It is the second largest producer of oil in the world. Saudi Arabia is the largest producer. U is for... Ural Mountains The Ural Mountains are one of the major mountain ranges in Russia. The Ural Mountains run roughly north to south, ranging to 1,500 miles long. X is for...
Exile Exile was a popular punishment in the time of Stalin. When someone did a small (or large) crime, they were exiled to Siberia. Usually they were put into a forced labor camp that was set up in Siberia. K is for... Killings Under the rule of Stalin, it is said that 20 million people were killed personally by him. That doesn't include the people that were killed in the prison/labor camps that people were sent to. The people that were sent to these camps were litterally worked to death. Q is for... Quality of living The quality of living in Russia is pretty bad. Most of the population doesn't have much money. These people are called peasants. They sleep on the floor, and when it gets cold at night, the whole family sleeps together with the family pet. Whether it be a dog, or a goat, they still sleep with it so that they can use its body heat for warmth. R is for... Reindeer In Russia, especially the Siberian area, reindeer serve many purposes. The main purpose of having a reindeer is for a form of transportation. In America, teenagers ask the parents if they can borrow the car. In Siberia, they ask the parents if they can borrow the reindeer. W is for... Worshiping Religion is a ever changing thing in Russia. During the time of Communism, the country was forced to be an athiest country. Now though, the country is a federalism. This allows people to worship or believe in whatever they please. Most people in Russia are chatholics in the form of Orthodoxy. Other religions in Russia include, Buddhism, Islamic, Judaism, and some people just worship on their own. Z is for... Time Zones Russia is so wide that, across the whole country, there are 11 time zones. This makes it hard for the president to lead his country, because if he is sitting in his office in Moscow at noon, and he has to call someone in Vladivostok, he has to wait so that when he makes his call across the country, he doesn't mess with the other cities, time. Y is for... The Yenisey river The Yenisey River is the main river in Siberia. It is used for Transportation and cargo.
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