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Wood Badge Problem Solving

No description

Keith Smith

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Wood Badge Problem Solving

Problem Solving
Step 1
Describe the Problem
> Accurately
> Completely
> Understand Problem
Step 2
Gather Information
> Quantitative... "Facts"
> Qualitative... " Feelings"
Step 3
Determine Most
Important Factors
> Timing...People...Setting
> All Three
> Overall Situation
Step 4
Visualize Success
> Describe what
Success looks like
> What is "solved" ?
Step 5
Action Steps to Success
> Make a Decision
> Take Action...Forward
> Stay Focused

Problem Solving...

> Should be Quicker...and more Adaptable
> For More Immediate Challenges
> Results in a Decision

Advantages of Using
System Approach
* Saves Time
* More Efficient
* Common Language
* Repeatable
* Increases Odds of Success


Decision Making
* Everyone participates
* Think outside the box
* Piggyback ideas
* Consider Past Solutions

* Atmosphere of trust
* All Agree to abide by the group
* Assess & Evaluated Solutions 
* Trial run then Finalize

Parking Lot
* Acknowledge the issue is not
immediately relevant
* Write a brief description
* Agree to come back to
the idea at a later time

Multi Voting
* Equal # of votes for all
* If a list, rank the items
* Vote and total the scores
* Cast out low score choice
* Repeat until a winner

Problem Solving
& Decision Making
And What's the
Problem with
Wood Badge
But What about Ole
Gidney of Gilwell?
They Can't Whittle!
So how will they make a Slide for their Wood Badge neckerchief when they attend Gilwell?
* Green Bar Bill Hillcourt was said to tell this story often and with authority from his work with BP.
Anyone Remember Day 2?
> Usually have a clear, defined goal

> Mission & Vision is often a Part

> Time to Execute is likely longer
Projects also...
1. Project Overview
2. Work Breakdown Structure
3. Activity Assignments
4. Take Action on Plan
5. Evaluation & Closeout
Project Planning
Problems can be...

>< ...within larger projects

>< ...independent of projects

Tools for
Good Luck !

Projects can certainly
present problems...

Project Planning & Problem Solving
are Different Processes
Official Wood Badge
Problem Solving Process
Gidney's Solution
Problem Solving
Round Robin
* Patrol Activity
(You Read ' Patrol Competition')
* 8 Stations each with a unique problem
* Shotgun Start!
(No Shotguns Allowed... Except Dewayne)
* Timed! Rotate in numerical order on the signal

(Anyone can stop anyone if deemed unsafe)

A Story of Francis Gidney of Gilwell
The Problem with Wood Badge Participants
Francis ' Skipper' Gidney
* First Camp Chief of Gilwell
* Organized Early Wood Badge
Courses under BP Supervision
* THE Active Trainer at Gilwell

Discovered a Major Problem with Wood Badge Participants...
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