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mariam,sarah and elham

No description

guildford public

on 28 June 2013

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Transcript of mariam,sarah and elham

Life in Japan and in Sydney
At school in Sydney we bring our own recess and lunch to school but the Japanese children make their own recess and lunch at school and share it with their classmates and other children in Japan.
school in Japan
Children in Japan brush their teeth at
school but in Sydney we brush our teeth at home not at school, they also eat oranges for dessert. They clean up the bathrooms,classroom and the whole school.
School in Sydney
More information about kids in Japan and Sydny
The children in Japan like to do different stuff and things then us like sharing food,cleaning bathrooms and classrooms,they eat oranges for dessert and love making sushi.
now you know all about life in Japan and life in Sydney.
now will we show you the flags of Sydney and Japan.
Japan flag
Sydney flag
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